Should Americans Continue To Celebrate Columbus Day?

  • Yes of corse

    Why without him we would not be here, like we would be in europe or somewhere else. And plus he taught us that we do not need to believe in extremely stupid legend about the world is flat. And on top of all He told us to explore the earth and break the rules of the stupid legendes .

  • Without him North America wouldn't have been colonized

    Without Columbus we would not have been colonized, he brought settlers west with his journals describing NA as a heavenly land. It does not matter if he was the first one there, it matters he brought back the information that lead others back. NO ONE ELSE BROUGHT EUROPE WEST .

  • Centuries of death and destruction...

    Columbus brought about disease, death, and destruction at the cost of the Native Americans. If it weren't for him, there would still be prosperous indigenous tribes, the population of Native Americans wouldn't have plummeted, and slavery would have not been a factor in North America. Not to mention the centuries of wars, genocides, and atrocities carried out by the US in order to gain land, and power.
    Sure, our nation is one of the great world powers.
    But at the cost of millions, in fact, BILLIONS of lives lost due to our wrath of greed and destruction.
    And I don't believe that should be celebrated.

  • Lots of misinformed people here.

    As many people may know, Columbus did not discover America. To the best of my knowledge, Columbus was never in America. No, I am not splitting hairs because it was not known as America at the time. What I am saying is he never was on what would become the U.S. He did land in North America but the furthest north he went was the Bahamas. The furthest north he got on the continual landmass of the Americas was Honduras, which is part of Central America. Though he was an explorer, he never intended to discover a new world, he though he was going to find a new route to the orient. At first when he landed and met the Native Americans, at first he thought he landed in India, this is how the name "Indians" came to be. Later, he discovered his mistake but by then it was too late and the name stuck.
    If it just stopped there, I would not have a problem with it being celebrated. My issue is that it's an official government holiday so government offices get the day off.

  • Columbus - Greatest Salesman, Idiot and Total Butt Wipe

    Did Columbus prove the world was round?
    So Columbus said the world was about 40% smaller at the time than it actually is. Geologists knew the world was round at the time and were a lot more accurate on the actual size of the earth than Columbus (French were really close). Columbus was just able to convince the crown the earth was smaller than scientists thought and that he could sail around it. So in reality, is was super wrong.

    Did Columbus discover America?
    Yes-ish.... Scandinavians and some historians "knew" about America but because the measurement systems they used for global positioning was inaccurate, they just thought it was a area west of Scandinavia that wasn't that big. And then there were people already here.... Which I don't really like counting.

    Did Columbus lead to genocide?
    Yeah we all know about this but any westerners who would have arrived would likely have have the same thing. So yeah he killed people but they were likely going to die from Europe anyways....

    Are we here because of him?
    COLUMBUS IS THE GREATEST SALESMAN EVER!!!! He was able to get a crown that was almost bankrupt to pay for his trip by convincing him that the science at the time was wrong (when it wasnt, they had better measurements on the earth), barely fight off mutiny and then sell to everyone that he found a link to India (he didnt know he discovered a new continent....) even though he didn't bring back any spices....

  • Wasn't discovered by him.

    Columbus didn't discover America, he merely stumbled upon it and decided to kill the Natives. The Native American's were shot so that the American's could move in. It is also taught in some schools that Columbus discovered America when he only rediscovered it for another country. I think it is a bad thing to celebrate what they did to the Native Americans

  • No no no

    We should stop celebrating Columbus Day because he didn't discover America. You lie to little kids saying he discovered America when he didn't. Celebrating Columbus Day is really just celebrating the beginning of several centuries of ethnic genocide and nearly wiping an entire race off the face of the Earth because of greed.

  • He did nothing great and didn't even discover America

    Columbus didn't discover America; there were already people living there. He just treated the native people there terribly. He spread diseases. He made them into slaves. Why should we celebrate a man who achieved nothing and just ruined lives? In addition, children are taught to believe Columbus was a good person. We should stop celebrating Columbus Day AND stop lying to the kids about him.

  • This holiday should probably stop

    Yes, we all know that Columbus sailed the ocean blue but that doesn't make it a right for him to kill people (cut their hands off and place them on a beach etc.) rape people and such. I believe that us women and men should put a stop to all this Columbus stuff because it's getting way out of control. Think what you want, but I do not think we should continue this so-called "holiday"

  • He was a jerk.

    This guy sauntered into America, claimed he had discovered it , brought diseases and death to the lands and wasn't a nice guy on ship either. Roger Wilson, the lookout first saw America, but Columbus claimed he did!! Plus he had slaves which are now illegal.He basically brought slavery to America!!Thank him for America's embarrassing 100 years of slavery! Wow. Thanks a lot Columbus.

  • No hes not good

    No we shouldn’t because Columbus didn’t discover America. Columbus was never actually in America. All he did to natives was was bring disease and slaughter.
    The Vikings had traveled there about at least 500 years before he arrived in America. Columbus said the world was like 40% smaller than it is, that proves he didn’t discover it was round. He
    Was just a mean person looking for money, plus he had slaves who he technically tortured!
    Columbus believed in slavery...Hes not a good person in general. Sure maybe he done some good things but overall he has slaves, killed natives, and didn’t even discover America!

  • Not if They Have a Shred of Integrity

    Columbus believed in slavery and mass genocide as legitimate ways to procure gold and other resources. The very idea that we still even acknowledge this man with a holiday speaks volumes about where we are on race relations in the United States of America. That would be nowhere. Wake up, people.

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