• Americans should help support those affected by the disaster in Nepal

    The extreme devastation of the recent disaster that has detrimentally affected Nepal is reason alone for Americans and those from other nations to donate to relevant, trustworthy charities. The people of Nepal need as much help as can be given, and many Americans have the resources to help provide aid. The fact that those affected in Nepal are human beings means that other human beings should help support them in this devastating time.

  • Nepal Needing Assistance!

    I will personally be taking part in donating to the people of Nepal. I feel that when tragedy's occur, it is other countries and citizens from all over the world that should be able to come together, and help out one another. Nepal citizens really need our support to rebuild their lives! And we should do our best to not disappoint them.

  • I agree that people should donate to the people of Nepal

    Donating to charities are very important and should be encouraged, regardless of the country who is been donated to. Americans should donate to the people of Nepal because we are a country of selfishness and should follow by that trait. Also, the people of Nepal need help and we Americans can be of great help.

  • Americans should not contribute

    Americans should not contribute. Although I am all for helping devastated people, American people are going through trauma everyday, and I think we should give our money to our fellow citizens. People's homes burn down, they lose their jobs, they lose their homes, or are victims of crime. We can donate to help our own people.

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