• Yes, because it is clear that average Americans are pawns.

    This is a situation I have been following constantly, and originally I started out thinking that it was something in which my opinion mattered. But, each time our government makes a decision there is so much hidden agenda behind it that I no longer trust that the situation is as simple as I understand it to be. I am retired right now, and it is the first time I have had the luxury to actually pay attention daily to issues like this, and even still I am surprised at the developments. I don't believe we as citizens really know at all the details of what is going on in government.

  • Our debt is too damn high!

    It seems as if our government as of late, really have been doing a bad job with just about everything. It seems that we are divided simply because both sides are too stubborn to sit down and actually do whats best for our country as a whole, as opposed to politicians own personal interests. The fiscal cliff, is a serious problem, its almost as our current representatives are gambling with the financial future of our country. Our country has serious debt, and it is important for all Americans to come together and start to take care of this problem before it is completely out of hand. If you enjoy having all the services that come with our modernized society, you should also have to pay your fare share for these services. This countrys debt needs to be paid off quickly, and efficiently, so we can solidify a prosperous future for all of us.

  • Yes, We Should Still Fear the Cliff

    Although we have narrowly avoided going off the cliff, there are still multiple deals that need to be made in the next few months. In addition to the chance that Congress will not make a deal, the deal they will make might be a watered down version of the fiscal plans that neither party likes.

  • Yes, we should.

    Just like they did with the debt ceiling, our leaders are playing chicken with our financial security. The fact that the holidays are here has made no difference in the negotiations Congress and the President are engaged in. When our paychecks contain even less money next year, I hope everyone thanks the Republicans for their lack of compassion and concern for the millions of Americans who truly cannot afford to pay more taxes, as well as for the price increases we will see on our every day purchases.

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