Should Americans have more say and control in the government (yes), or do we already have way too much (no)?

Asked by: Dr.Intellegent
  • We need to know gov. secrets

    The government hides many things from the public and people more and more want to say what they want over social media, but no one has stud up and demanded for more say in government. It is obvious by year 2020 were going to been in bad shape, were in so much debt and as a whole country I don't see 'how were still standing, There is now way or country can get better unless they open to more public opinion.
    I rest my statement there I wish to know what others believe?

  • An EDUCATED populace should have more say in government

    It sounds reasonable to argue that Americans should have more say in what our government does, but my position is that with greater input should come greater responsibility on the part of the American voter.

    It distresses me that immigrants in the process of becoming naturalized American citizens know more about our government and laws than the average citizen born here does. When people who believe Abraham Lincoln was the second or third president of this country are not barred from voting, who could reasonably argue that they should have more say in what the government does? When voters are required to provide evidence that they actually know the branches of government, can name at least three amendments and their impact, can name the governor of their state and his/her predecessor, and can identify who we fought in the Revolutionary War, and can argue for or against various positions using logic and not simply parrot talking heads MSNBC or Fox, then I would say they have the minimal amount of knowledge necessary to be called an "informed" voter and should have more say. Until then, I think people who know more about pop culture than about the way government works should not only not have MORE say, I think they should have less say than they do already.

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