• Yes, American's keep your guns please

    We someone invades your house the police will not be able to be there to protect you. If someone is out to kill you, your best chance of survival is to have a gun with you and if you having no firearms then your will be almost defenseless against someone else. I know that to some of you it sounds silly that someone is out to kill you, but keep in mind that you will likely want one in some of the rougher neighbourhoods in America, where it is almost a necessity to own a gun to protect you are your loved ones.
    After Australia banned guns, it didn't see significant change in the rate of homicide, so that a ban would not help and is a violation of fundamental human rights. Not only this, but crime skyrocketed from the ban. This is due because now criminals have the peace in mind of going into someones home because the don't have to worry about if they had a gun.
    Not only is a ban against peoples rights, it will not save lives and creates more problems to deal with. Therefore Americans should be able to keep their guns for home or personal protection.

  • Police cannot help you

    When it comes to self defense in your home, you are the first and only line of defense. The police are too far away to help, and they aren't even required to protect you when something bad happens. For this reason, it's important for at least some of the populace to be armed in their homes. That way it's not just free reign for criminals who know that their marks are unarmed.

  • Yes, Americans should keep guns for protection

    The right to keep guns for protection or for hunting purposes is an important right for Americans. There should be more restrictions on guns laws and requirements for gun safety and registration. There are many reasons to keep guns but it needs to be allowed by a responsible person. There also needs to be a gun registry.

  • No, I don`t agree.

    People say they own guns for protection and self-defense. However, guns are rarely used that way. Guns are used far more in accidents, criminal assaults, homicides or suicide attempts than in self-defense. They get shot accidentally because of someone who owned a gun. Guns can cause serious injuries. So many people were dead because of this problem. Guns should be banned.

  • No, guns do not make a household safer

    Many studies have shown that households which possess guns have a higher rate of injury or death by firearm. Most civilians do not have sufficient training with firearms to make proper use of them in self-defense should the need arise. Guns are not toys; they are lethal weapons, and they should only be in the hands of people who know how to use them.

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Skeptical1 says2016-11-20T07:41:03.347
If they want to die, sure.