• Keep abortion legal

    I don't want to see women go back to the old days when abortion was illegal.With out safe guards in place. This will happen. Illegal abortions is a health and safety threat to American women&teenage girls USA and world wide. Sometimes they die during an illegal procedure or later due to an infection.More fool proof birth control would help. And better sex education for our young people.

  • Yes, Americans should have a plan for doomsday.

    I don't think there is any immediate threat in the near future for an apocalyptic situation to happen in America but I feel that Americans should have a plan and some supplies ready just in case something was to happen, if something was to happen it will be to late to prepare at that point, you should have some basic supplies ready beforehand to increase your likelyhood of survival.

  • I learned in Boyscoutts that you should always be prepared.

    Prepping is the act of getting prepared for an emergency. The prepping craze has swept America over the last decade. They have even made a show about it. Some people feel people who prep are extremist. Others such as myself, feel they are smart to do so. Whether it be prepping for doomsday or a natural disaster, being prepared is always a good thing.

  • If it is coming no one will know anyway

    No, I do not believe that Americans should prepare for Doomsday. What is Doomsday anyway? This could be a natural disaster to a degree that once wiped out dinosaurs. With something like this, there is no preparation that will help especially if it can not be predicted. Some preparation should be done for emergency, but Doomsday will not be broadcast over the television.

  • Preparing for Doomsday is a fool's errand

    Prepping, it's such a big trend that stores have caught on and are catering to the market. Everything from freeze-dried food to fortified condo-esque bunkers converted from old missile silos. Suffice to say the market in America can help you prepare for the day when the world comes crumbling down - but in reality the chances of that happening aren't that great. Further, the chances of you surviving such a calamity long enough to make use of your preparations is lower still. So there's nothing to be gained - enjoy life as it is now.

  • There is nothing to prepare for.

    Americans should not prepare for Doomsday. It would not help to do so anyway, because if everyone is doomed, what are they going to be preparing for? The term doomsday refers to the end of times on earth. They won't be able to take anything with them if anything happens. They should just go on living as they are.

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