Should Americans stop being so proud of their independence and democracy? Most other countries have the same thing guys.. -_-

Asked by: Loszie
  • Some people are uneducated.

    If someone doesn't mind or doesn't know, they shouldn't have to vote. That is how stupid people get in power, by stupid people voting without knowing what they are even doing.
    Though, I do agree that it is bad when people think, 'I won't vote, my party doesn't stand a chance'

  • America has a poor democracy

    The way in which people are elected in America makes it so that even if one candidate gets more votes than another, The candidate with the fewer votes can be elected, See Trump and Bush for example. The fact this has happened in 40% of the last 5 elections is shocking and clearly shows that the "democracy" Americans have is far worse than most other modern day democracies, See for example the German, British, French or Australian elections for better examples of democracy.

  • Pride can hurt

    Sometimes the proud needs to step back and reevaluate what it is that they are proud of. Pride is only a positive thing when the things that you derive your pride from, are noble, honorable, and most importantly maintained.
    Our pride should not be based on the fact that other countries have "Less" than us.
    That is the big kid in school picking on the little one. Not pride.
    We should be proud that we honor our diversity, not that we have it
    That our military stands for our honor, not that we have the biggest

    The only difference between pride and arrogance is humility.
    And humility entails stepping back and looking at yourself and asking whether you should be proud of you.
    If the answer is yes. Then be proud, not arrogant
    if the answer is no, then do what it takes to be able to look the world in the eye and be proud

  • American people can most defiantly ignorant to a certain extent

    First of all it is acceptable to be proud of one's way of believe and thinking, however, one should not impose their believes onto others who may to share the same ideology as they do. Being blind to your own beliefs only causes one to be narrow minded, ignorant or potentially disrespectful to others.

  • Why stop being proud

    Why can't they be proud? Everyone who has independence and democracy should be proud of that fact. Especially the US, which to this day is the longest running democracy in the world. If a lot of other nations have caught up to us, then they should be proud of their accomplishments as well. Just because others have caught on to a good thing doesn't mean you shouldn't be proud of your accomplishment.

  • Your premise is false.

    The assumption that most other countries have "the same thing" is absolutely false. That's why there is a current immigrant crisis in Syria. That's why the U.S./Mexico border is flooded with illegal immigrants. That's why young middle eastern girls are making youtube videos about being forced to marry at age 11, and then being killed a few days later. No one has what the U.S. has, and I for one don't intend to forget the beauty of what we truly do have here. Far too many of our ancestors have given their lives and the lives of their loved ones so that we could have these freedoms. Today we still have men and women giving their lives so that we can continue to have our independence and democracy, we should never stop feeling proud, lest their sacrifices be in vain.

  • Oh no way

    America should be proud of it's history and what it thinks is right. If you are not proud of what you are doing, then I hardly find it persuasive.
    And America's form of democracy is unique, other countries may have it but no one is stopping them from being proud. More power to them.

  • America is both powerful and free.

    America has the MOST powerful military on earth. Think about that.
    We are proud of our freedom and independence because those are the very ideals upon which this nation was founded, and they are the values we keep close and dear. America is one of the few nations, besides maybe Britain, which can actually use these good intentions for something outside of ourselves.

  • Americans need it

    I believe we need to be proud. We don't have much other things to be proud of. We are average in almost everything and we aren't getting that much better. So if we have one thing to be proud of, we might as well use it. Now, we shouldn't throw it out there 24/7, but we are the land of Freedom/Home of the Brave so we should be proud of it.

  • Of course not.

    The US has always been one of a kind in it's promotion of freedom and opportunity for the average citizen. This is precisely why it has always been so attractive to citizens of other countries who migrated here. The pride serves a valuable purpose. It's the pride that Americans take in their freedoms that ensures those freedoms continue, because Americans are willing to fight for them, while our Constitution guarantees us that ability. When they lose that pride, they become sheeple or worse.

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