Should Americans trust Obama on his drone policy?

  • Yes, American's should trust Obama on his drone policy.

    Although I can't say that the public is entirely aware of what is going on at the other side of the world, I can attest that what we don't see may not have much of an affect on us. It may seem unfair to have the advantage of technology that rains death upon people however in my understanding, America doesn't kill as if it were an Empire. We enact upon our interest that we see fit. These factors often involve the safety of our own people. The upper hand may seem unfair but it is a way to ensure peace even if it means turmoil before the former.

  • Yes, The President's Decisions Need Support

    While I am not a fan of the drone policy, the targeted nature of it is much better than George W. Bush's military policy. I'd rather see selective drone strikes than all-out invasions of other countries. Not all drone operations can be made public, either. As it always comes down to national security. Some secrets need to be kept.

    Posted by: rpr
  • No

    If the Bush administration did this the news would be crying and shoving it down your throat! Drones kill civilians in Pakistan and a majority of the American Sheeple don't know about it. This is a barbarous act by itself! Hence why I'm always skeptical about new policies with the military industrial complex ruling like it is now...

  • Would you support Bush doing it?

    Either something is wrong or it isn't. Your opinion should not changed based on who is doing it. The specific drone policy that Obama has engaged in, and sought in recent days to justify legally, is using drones to carry out assassinations of US citizens involved in terror threats. Where is the due process? How is the person that wanted to try terrorists who helped carry out the 9/11 attacks in civilian court the same person who now says he has the right to kill US citizens without oversight? If the republicans can win the presidency again will you still support it?

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