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Should America's republic form of government be completely reformed to be updated for the 21st Century?

  • Yes and no.

    The United States requires reform, but the republic should not be changed 100%. I like the ideas of self-government, freedom of speech, etc., but the country requires reform most certainly. We lack a strong court system, immigration system, healthcare system, etc. The Constitution should be amended and - maybe - replaced.

  • Yes, we need new rules of governance.

    Yes, it is clear that we are living in the past times. For instance, people always talk of the Constitution like it doesn't need to be updated. There are various reasons for why such an old document should be updated and why it should be updated as soon as possible.

  • Yes it needs reform.

    The republic form of government in the United States is not really working all that well, although it keeps chugging along. Most of the middle and lower classes feel disenfranchised even if they do vote. We need to change the electoral college, for instance, and even the two party system as it now exists.

  • Yes It Should

    I believe the United States has gone on unchecked for a very long time now and we should reform to update to the 21st Century. We need to look through our laws and take out the ones that are old and archaic. They are of no use to us. We also need to change some of the basic functions and balances to ensure that the government will last until the next century. As it is going now, I'm not certain it's going to make it.

  • We need the old way

    No, America's republic form of government should not be completely reformed to be updated for the 21st century, because need the constitution and its protections more than ever. The government is encroaching too much. We need the old system rather than the government being our nanny state. The founders knew what they were doing.

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