• Loonies and criminals don't tend to stop at such a hurdle

    This restriction would only inconvenience law abiding citizens. I'm not apposed to ANY regulation on ammunition sales, but forcing everyone to depend on local supply chains is not the answer in my opinion.

    Criminals will still find their ammunition through private sales, the black market, theft, or whatever. And loonies will always find a way to express their particular brand of crazy.

    As long as there are people with violent tendencies there will be violence. You can take away everything except the hammer and nail and some whack job will go in his garage and turn them into an assault weapon.

  • Ammunition should never be sold online.

    Selling ammunition online is a terrible idea! It makes it much more difficult to regulate. It also takes away the human element, where a gun shop employee might see or hear something 'off' with a customer. You lose that extra safety check if ammunition can be purchased online. If someone needs ammunition, they can just get themselves to the store, or do without.

  • Ammunition Should Not Be Sold Online

    It is a bad thing if we start selling ammunition online. I just do not think it should be done. Everyone should not have access to bullets. It could lead to terrible things. Selling ammunition online could also lead to guns being sold online which would be horrible. We really need to do a better job with gun control.

  • No, do not sell ammunition online.

    Online sales on ammunition can cause problems. It is not possible to see the person to whom the ammunition is being sold. If the person had to go to a brick and mortar store to make the purchase, the vendor would be able to see the purchaser. This may help in identifying whether the buyer was stable.

  • No, no, no

    Sorry to the over 99.9% of gun owners that are responsible people, a group of loonies have ruined this for you. We cannot allow the online sale of ammunition to continue with the frighteningly frequent desire of people to go into public settings and let off as many rounds as they can before turning the gun on themselves.

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