Should Amtrak have stronger guidelines for their train and track maintenence?

  • With train wrecks increasing, there should be stonger safety guidelines for Amtrak.

    It is becoming dangerous to ride trains due to the increase in crashes. Amtrak should have very strong safety guidelines in place. Customers should receive more information about what to do in the event of a crash. Amtrak needs to revamp all of their guidelines to make sure that there re less accidents and fatalities.

  • Not Many Problems

    I do not believe Amtrak is exhibiting problems to the degree that the business needs to be more regulated than it already is. I would feel safe on an Amtrak passenger train and most others would as well. Prices are barely competitive, so pushing for more restrictions and more up keep cost could put them out of business.

  • Amtrak Guidelines are Adequate

    Amtrak is one of the premiere public transportation services in the country and has appropriate guidelines in place accordingly. These guidelines are vitally important to the safety of riders and the enjoyment of the overall transportation process. In working with state and federal guidelines, Amtrak provides safe and adequate transportation to all of its riders.

  • Amtrak is not at fault

    It does not sound like Amrak is at fault for this accident. There is no blame on train or track maintence yet. It sounds like the driver was going to fast. It is hard to prevent driver error. Amtrak had many safeguards, but ultimate human error cannot be prevented unless the trains are fully mechanized/

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