• Amy Schumer - Cultural Icon

    Amy Schumer should of course be considered a cultural icon. Anyone that has lived and experienced life like she has should be considered a culturalicon. She is absolutely amazing and is an inspiration to women everywhere it seems. One day everyone will recognize her cultural value and will truly appreciate her.

  • Schumer Connects with Real Young Women

    Although she may be a little more forward in telling her drunken sexual encounters, Amy Schumer really hits home with a lot of young women today, and how they navigate their friendships and dating lives in 2015. Her stories can be crass and, at times, vulgar, but nothing is sugar-coated and as a young woman, I can relate to a lot of it.

  • She is not funny

    She is really into pretending to be a feminist and making jokes about her vagina and just generally being unladylike for shock value. Her humor isn't clever or even funny its just based on the shock value of her saying things women "arent supposed to say". Aside from her comedy, since shes just a comedian she doesn't really have enough supporting factors to make her a "cultural icon".

  • Scathing and Scrutinizing Women

    Although she is extremely funny, most of her jokes and humor is at her own sexuality and body and in insulting herself she is ultimately insulting and derailing all women. On top of this she makes racist comments specifically targeting Mexicans and Hispanics. Amy Schumer should never be considered a cultural icon because if she insults half of the population that will create more barriers between different races and genders.

  • She is just a random comedian

    I don't think Amy Schumer should be considered a cultural icon, because she is just a random comedian. In fact, i had to Google her name up to see who she is and only then I vaguely recognised her from some comedy TV show. Some icon. And besides, from what I can see, she has achieved nothing that spectacular and/or more distinguishing from many other great comedians and has, in fact, only recently gained some major popularity. I pity the society that would consider her (and the likes) a cultural icon.

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