Should an alcoholic be granted a liver transplant over a child despite the length of the wait?

  • Wow so many ignorant people in this world

    How dare any of you ignorant people say that an Addict should not receive medical help or organs.
    You make me sick. I think that ignorant uneducated people such as yourself need to be forced to donate your body parts. We have enough stupid people in the world and starting to get rid of some of you would help a lot of people that need organs. Shame on you when it's you or one of your family members struggling to stay alive waiting on a new organ your views will undoubtedly change. I hope that day never comes for any of you but if it should I hope that you or your family member be denied. Nobody has any right to play god with anybody's life and no matter how or why one needs a organ. They should receive it when I see such disgraceful people with ignorant comments it makes me cringe shame on you! Maybe you need to go to church and find God because for low lives such as yourselves that is your only savior. Never say never because it will happen to your loved ones!

  • Really Internet?

    Organ matching is based on size and blood type. The sicker you are determines how high you are on the list. The only case where time spent on the list matters is when 2 people have the same blood type, size of organ needed, and level of sickness. It does not matter how rich you are, or how old you are. Certain organs fit with certain people and not others. It is sad to see how ignorant people are these days. Thank God there are laws in place to protect sick people. Alcoholism is a hard habit to break, and if someone can prove the can quit they deserve a fair shot at health. Do you know how strict the guidelines? You have to go six months without alcohol just to be considered. It is no secret that doctors will extend this to a full year to track your progress. Have you ever wrecked a car? Did you mean to do it? Eventually did you get your car fixed or replaced? If you don't think sick people deserve a chance at good health, and starting over it it is possible then you have succeeded in showing that you have zero compassion for other humans. Do some research, talk to people who have turned their lives around after organ transplantation, before you make an harsh judgement based on a bad stigma.

  • I don't see why not..?

    An alcoholic doesn't chose to be an alcoholic as much as an anorexic doesn't chose to be an anorexic, they both do what they do knowing it will harm them but not on purpose! I'm sure if it was THAT easy to stop they would have long before it had gotten to the point of needing a new liver... Obviously!! But would you begrudge an anorexic a kidney? Probably not.. so why an alcoholic a liver?

    I know a child is young and hasn't lived their lives yet, but we are all people and an adult is loved by their family just as much as a child is by theirs. Organs should just be given to the person most in need despite of wether they are an alcoholic, a child, or anything else

  • I oppose giving a liver to an alcoholic. He knowingly destroyed his liver, and will probably do it again. A child has a life in front of him/her.

    A child has a life in front of him/her, and had no choice in needing a new liver. Any adult knows about the effects of alcohol on the body. If he chose to destroy his liver what makes you think he would not do it again? Then the liver would go to waste, when it could have saved a child's life.

    Posted by: Melanie
  • In some cases, I can imagine this being acceptable. It would depend on the comparative severity of the conditions, and the immediate necessity of action.

    If the child can survive longer without the transplant and the alcoholic adult is on the verge of death, then the transplant should go to the more immediately needy patient. Alcoholism is a disease, and even if it weren't, decisions like this shouldn't be made on the basis of moral evaluation of the patient. If the situations were equal, though, the transplant should go to the child.

    Posted by: CaesPh4t
  • Everyone deserves a right to life

    No matter what race, age, gender, or commerce stance everyone! Deserves a right to life! You cant choose either over each other, in my opinion who ever is more in need at the time deserves the transplant. I child may not have caused their liver problem but choosing someone over someone else is wrong. Although the alcoholic brought this problem onto them selves if it will save there life it should be aloud!

  • Yes and let me state why

    I have non-alcoholic Cirrhosis (cryptogenic). I take duiretics and was also taking a medication for a bug called Helicobacter Pylori. I was over emotional at the time because I was full of ascites (stomach fluid) and quite frankly was scared about my future. I think honestly it makes me a coward when there are braver kids who go through this.

    I did not drink. I got Cirrhosis at age 20 (showing symptoms through Portal Hypertension) and it is believed fibrosis of the liver occurred even earlier. However, having been in hospital and seen dying people, how they got there isn't important. We all have weaknesses or vices. For some it may be alcohol and others drugs. For the longest time I was bitter that I didn't drink and got Cirrhosis and I was unfair to the people who also desperately needed a liver.

    Its not possible for anyone to beat a child to a liver transplant. What happens is there is a MELD score which determines your need for a liver transplant. I need to stress this point - Liver transplant surgery is dangerous - the doctors determine the risk of not doing the surgery outweighs the surgery itself. They only operate on people who are literally going downhill overnight. Even having had two internal bleeds, multiple endoscopic bandings of varices and having been in intensive care, I do not need the surgery yet and I agree with them. I still recovered from those setbacks. When your Cirrhosis gets so bad that you are having your stomach drained and you are so yellow that you almost glow and are falling in and out of bouts of Hepatic Encephalopathy and comas then the doctors make a determination that with your old liver you cannot stay alive for long without a transplant.

    I had initially wrote an opposing argument on here. I was weak, stupid and unfair. Some of the nicest people I've met had been alcoholics. A lot of alcoholics are sensitive people, and drink as a coping mechanism. I've had close family who were alcoholics and friends.

    I apologize for the rambling, but I know a little about Cirrhosis since I have it. Remember, no one beats anyone for a liver. If a child and an older person who may have drunk need a liver at the same time, the MELD score is calculated even in more detail. Some children receive partial live donor transplants or receive part of a liver. Whereas a full grown adult needs an entire liver.

    I'm disgusted in myself for being on the other side and forgetting people I knew and cared about who had suffered due to alcoholism. I have met lots of people with liver disease due to support groups and they are all nice people. People with alcoholic liver disease, Hepatitis C or an auto-immune disorder.

    Please, if I can support that all people should receive a liver and I am a non-alcoholic Cirrhosis patient, you can too. God bless.

    Posted by: btr
  • Alcoholics deserve medical attention-just like cancer patients, heart disease patients, diabetics, etc.

    It's amazing that with the ease of access to information, people still don't regard alcoholism as a disease. It doesn't matter what the experts say-your average Joe considers himself an expert. Would you like to conduct a heart transplant operation? Treat cancer patients with chemotherapy? Why not? Alcoholism is a disease, just like those others and you apparently know everything there is about alcoholism, so you must be brilliant and able to treat all kinds of diseases. Have you looked at MRI's of the brain of alcoholics? It's a brain disease. Get some knowledge and stop embarrassing yourself. Alcoholics deserve a liver transplant and all of the long term care needed.

  • Alcoholics didn't ask for alcoholism

    People exposed to chronic stress at a very young age are prone to developing alcoholism. Not because they are trying to medicate, but because it changes brain chemistry. Also, those suffering from mental disorders are more apt to develop the disease. We should treat mental disorders the same way we treat physical conditions. Stop degrading those suffering from alcoholism. It's a life-long, debilitating disease and disability. Alcoholics deserve liver transplants.

  • The sicker person should get the liver.

    This should not have anything to do with who is the child or who is the alcoholic. Too bad there is so much prejudice and ignorance still permeating our society. Sick people deserve medical care and whomever is the sickest, should get the liver. There is plenty of information on alcoholism and how and why this horrible disease develops in some people. Get educated.

  • Their are patients who were born with ESLD who will die because alcoholics disregard the fortunate life they have been given.

    If there were two children and each were given a cookie. The fist child eats their cookie while the second child gets their cookie stolen. The parent only has 1 cookie to pass out. Doesn’t the child who had their cookie stolen desearve to receive the last cookie. This logic can be applied to to the liver transplant problem. Livers are a very scarce resource and when determining who receives a liver you should always remember, what is fair isn’t alway equal.

  • Organs are unfortunately scarce and need to be rationed somehow

    Organs unfortunately are scarce and so need to be rationed somehow. Since alcoholics (not counting recovering alcoholics) have shown by their behavior that they are more likely to damage their new livers then they should be a lower priority. I do think that they should still be put on a list, just not the top priority list. Put them on a list of people who will receive a transplant only when the organ has no match on the top priority list. There's no point in an organ going to waste when it could have saved someone's life.

    Someday we'll be able to grow organs in laboratories. Until then they need to be rationed.

  • Dont start an argument just to shame! Find some facts first you "ignorant people"

    Alcoholics harm their own body while a parent controls the childs body in most ways. Blood types change survival rate by about 20% but a 58% survival rate for a child is much better than a 78% survival rate for the drunkard. Expected compliance with medical regimens is a requirement for liver transplant. But it says expected not you must. This should not happen!!! Save the children

  • Im disgusted with people who would kill a child because someone made poor life choices

    An alcoholic should get a liver last or near last. Even if the blood type matches more. A child should have a 50% chance to live over an alcoholic with a 70% chance. A child has no control over what their parents do to their body or their genetics but a heavy drinker controls having a bad liver. And people who are shaming on the other side dont have a good enough argument to continue so they just say that you are a horrible person instead. Shame on you

  • They should not

    The alcoholic done screwed up his liver and should be denied a liver over a child who obviously needs it more since it was probably a disease or accident causing it. The child will live longer and will need it more even if it is not the best match to their body.

  • There is only one correct awnser here...

    Let's look at both arguments here. Firstly, the alcoholic who drank and drank and drank and ended up screwing his liver to where he needs a new one. Now let's look at the Child. They can't drink so they most likely need a new liver due to a disease or horrible accident. So when we compare these arguments we can clearly see which one is the better one. Alcoholism is an addiction just like cigarettes and drugs. You could argue that he would've learnt his lesson and won't drink again, but eventually there body will force them into drinking due to depravation. Whereas a child can be taught against alcohol abuse for years and has possibly longer lifetime than an alcoholic. I agree that the alcoholic has a right to live, but he had a chance at a healthy liver whereas the child didn't. In conclusion, the child is the only logical desicion in this debate and is shown clearly by the overwhelming amount of votes for NO. Brah

  • They'll ruin it again.

    That's like letting a convicted murderer get out of jail and letting him kill again. They say they will stop drinking in order to save their new liver but in the end we all know that they'll slip up and start drinking again and end up needing another new liver.

  • Alcoholic have a choice

    These people did this to themselves and knowingly desrtoying their bodies. If it be my family member i would say no.. Give the organ to a more deserving productive person in society. This person could relapse and there goes a wasted kidney. The liver got cooked from drinking too must alcohol.

  • It should depend, but alcoholics should be deprioritized.

    The length of the wait should definitely matter in a case like this, as well as age and sickness. My proposal is to create a formula to base one's placement off of. It is:
    Severity (on a scale of 1-10) x 1/2 of the months on the list / 1/4 of age / 1.5 if the person is an alcoholic.
    By doing so, this will output a number, and the higher number one gets, the higher on the waiting list they should get.

  • An alcoholic could end up ruining their liver again

    A child hasn't done this to their self, whereas an alcoholic has had some input as to why they are there even if it is an impulse. An alcoholic should have got help there are hundreds if not thousands of companies that will help you for a small price or even for free. If you don't want to ask someone you don't know then you can ask a family member or a friend.

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