• There should be an amendment to balance the budget

    There should be an amendment to balance the United States budget. I feel that the government has been fiscally irresponsible as of late, our government doesn't seem able to function these days. The deficit needs to be contained. We shouldn't need to keep on borrowing money from China to pay our bills.

  • Yes, it should be passed.

    A national government's budget is not that much different from a business or a family's budget and there is no reason why we can not once again attain a balanced one. It would be great if an amendment were passed to mandate that this always needs to be done no matter how it happens.

  • It's ruining us.

    Yes, an amendment should be passed to balance the United States budget, because we should not be spending more than we have. We should learn to live within our means, just like any household has to do. It is important to our future credit that investors know that we will keep our promises.

  • Won't Balance The Budget

    An amendment will do little, if nothing, to actually balance the United States budget. We could create an amendment that says the budget must be balanced and I think that would be a good move. We have administrations and people in government who feel it is appropriate to spend more than we have and I do not believe that should be the case. We should be efficient with our funds and not spend funds we don't have, the same as it is with each individual in the country. Debt doesn't really help anyone, much less a government.

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