• IF WE Don't they will

    Clearly they plan to drop a bomb. For example, Hitler could've been stopped but his movement got momentum and we couldnt stop him. If we let that happen again we will all suffer. I know there are lots of innocent people in those countrys but ISIS needs to be stopped

  • It worked on Japan

    During World War 2, there was lots of opposition to dropping nukes on Japan. But guess what, it ended the war quickly and easily, and now Japan is one of our best allies in the East. Yes, a nuke over Syria would hurt innocent civilians, but thank of all the lives it would save down the line.

  • ISIS has caused enough damage they should be fried.

    I don't another Paris or 9/11 there has been enough terror in the world and we don't need any more I say kill them. We all know what they did in Paris was catastrophic and 9/11 was way worse and if they attack the white house like they said they would you can be dam sure I'm going to support bombing them

  • I say yes

    Yes, we should. Of course, ISIS conquered many areas, that are not theirs, and should be protected, but, better safe than sorry. ISIS have already caused serious damage to many, many countries. We can't even figure out their next move. So, I say, we get rid of them in one blow. There are already ISIS members found in other countries, such as Korea. So, an atomic bomb is, what I believe is our most reasonable move.

  • If we don't they will

    If we don't drop an atomic bomb on isis they will. Yeah, we might take some innocent lives but they will take a lot of ours and they will keep coming back until our country is destroyed completely. Not only will they take lives they will keep innocent people hostage.

  • They would so

    If the west doesn't, isis would.
    So the best defence is a first strike against those pigs. If innocent lifes are ended, they would be put out of misery. So it would be humane to end their suffering with one strike. Isis would not hasitate. So Mr trump, set those missile free and drop then on those hakbar ass holes. So they can find out if they find those virgins....

  • A Necessary Evil

    Do you remember the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Some might argue that it was unnecessary, but I beg to differ. You see, if the bombs weren't dropped, the U.S. would have begun a full-scale invasion of Japan, which would have cost way more lives than the bombings. With the growing threat of ISIS, there needs to be an immediate purge. I am aware that there are people living near locations where ISIS have bases, but it's unfortunately the only way.

  • Heck Yeah! Turn the country to glass.

    We should go to the country and just turn it all to glass that way a lot of terrorism would be gone and a lot of suffering would be taken away. Yes their would be collateral damages but it would be a necessary sacrifice in order to keep out terrorism.

  • Yes because u know

    They are innocent people but all Muslims have the same agenda. It work with Japan and it will work with these motherfuckers! I'm tried of our boys and girls in the army dying for a war that we should not Be in. Let's just solve a world problem with a bomb okay?!?!

  • Don't just think about ISIS.

    ISIS occupies a vast area of land. If the use of an atomic bomb was approved, it would wipe out more than just the Islamic state. Atomic bombs are too powerful for use in an area where there are civilians who have nothing to do with what is happening with the militant group. Not only that, but the atomic bombs are a lot stronger than they were during World War II. If may seem like a decent idea but after the bomb goes off there would be so much radiation that would affect surrounding countries, including Israel, a US ally. There are better ways to deal with our problems than to drop a nuclear weapon on anything that may threaten us.

  • There are others in those places

    In all of the territory controlled by ISIS there are still plenty of innocent people there who would die because of a small percentage of people in that area who are killing people. Besides the US cant decide now if dropping the bomb on japan was right. Doing that would be like the teacher punishing the whole class on the actions of 2 kids

  • Are you ignorant?

    You realize they're not the only people living there don't you? That would be like bombing concentration camps in WW2. It would kill millions of innocent people and only 30,00- terrorists! Besides, they don't have anywhere near the capability to do the same to us. Y'all are paranoid.

    (Always wanted to say "y'all". Is similar to Spanish word "vosotros", but there is no actual word in English that has the same meaning.)

  • Do any of you understand what an ATOMIC BOMB will do?

    Remember what happened in Nagasaki? Hiroshima? Although it instantly killed the people there (which is arguably still horrid and inhumane) the long term effects were even worse. Radiation isn't something we should play around with, and it can spread through the air. That means surrounding countries would be affected by this as well. Mutations will occur, and unrelated people's lives will be ruined. That won't end well.
    Also I am almost certain ISIS doesn't have an atomic bomb, so don't try the "if we don't they will" argument.
    If we drop an atomic bomb, do you really think that no one will object either? Many other countries will understand how badly it will end, and we might start ANOTHER war because we made a mad decision.
    Also ISIS isn't just a country we can just bomb. It is an organization, and with any organization it is spread across the world. You can't get rid of it by bombing it.
    Like my APWH teacher said, by just bombing the people we don't like we will just make more enemies. Not only that, but you don't end terrorism with a gun (or a bomb in this case), you end it with education. My teacher told me how most people make rash and violent decisions like this out of ignorance, so to stop this we need the world to be educated and become more accepting of others. It is the least violent path, even though it would take longer.

  • ISSIS is too small.

    ISSIS like a lot of other terrorist groups are small.
    While they may cause terror, and fear. They are not strong enough to cause that much destruction.
    How would even bomb ISSIS? And furthermore- bombs are deadly to our environment. And that's already going downhill.

    If there is any corrections to what I said, I'd be happy to hear it :)

  • Violence Is Not The Answer.

    We can't just do away with an atomic on ISIS. They will probably just keep coming back. We should find a different way with not so much violence. Another reason an atomic bomb might not be the be best resort is the atomic bomb will hurt other people in that area not just ISIS.

  • This is a bad idea

    WW3 anybody? Do you understand what atom bombs do? It won't just take out some ISIS soliders, it will take out thousands to millions of people! We will hit civilians, innocent lives will be killed. And the thing about ISIS is that its not really a country, like the US, its more of an idea. If you bombed Germany with an atom bomb, Germany would never be the same, but ISIS is an ideology, not a country. Just killing their leaders won't kill the idea.,

  • Because that mistake will cause us to be in World War 3 maybe

    Because of all the tension that America have between the Middle East. We can't just bomb Raqqa, Syria (ISIS's capital city) all willy milly because if the U.S. fuck up ISIS might nuke us back and America will declare war on ISIS and it might cause WW3. Look ISIS is like a cyst in Syria until the cyst pops and all the cells in the cyst scattered everywhere. ISIS got a huge networking in the Middle East if we want to hit ISIS where it hurt them the U.S. got send Undercover CIA agents in every country in the Middle East to find every single ISIS cell (s) so we can end the terrorist group once and for all. It don't matter anyway because ISIS is fad they'll die out in a few years or so.

  • The Atom Bomb should be used as a deterrent to other nations possessing nuclear weapons.

    ISIS controls innocent cities and nuclear missiles would wipe them all out. Too e x p e n s i v e a n d i n n oc e n t p e o p l e w i l l d i e a s w e l l .

  • It will just make it worse

    For starters we cant kill with atomic bombs without killing innocent people. It would make matters worse because they will merely retaliate, leading to a WW3. You may say that that is bit extreme but if you think about it Isis are all over the world and if somehow we manage to get rid of Isis then another extremist group will just pop up. Using atomic bombs will only bring more chaos into the world.

    Posted by: l204

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