Should an elementary school student be exposed to a variety of different learning strategies?

  • Elementary students need exposure to a variety of learning strategies.

    Students K -12 will have the opportunity to experience a variety of learning strategies throughout their educational career. However, elementary school is the perfect time for young children to find which strategies work best for them. Consequently, exposing them to multiple learning styles this young helps teachers know how to teach their students and helps them reach their highest potential.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe an elementary school student should be exposed to a variety of different learning strategies. This seems like common sense to me. People learn things differently, some respond to better to hands on activities, others respond better to instructions. I think school should be required to use different techniques.

  • Yes - education should not be "one size fits all"

    I think all elementary schools should provide a variety of different learning strategies, allowing students to gravitate to the model that works best for them. I think we need to change our "one size fits all" lecture methods and acknowledge the fact that children learn in different ways. It should be the schools responsibility to fit the curriculum to the student instead of the other way around.

  • One size doesn't fit all

    I don't think that as a country we do a good job of using a variety of learning strategies, especially in elementary school. I believe that elementary students should be exposed to a variety of learning strategies, because different children learn differently, and we should realize that, and teach to it. Currently, especially in public schools, there is only 1 method of teaching, and it is to and for the benchmark tests. I think that we would have a more successful educational system if we were able to implement different learning strategies.

  • Altercation between students

    There are many part in the debate that we have to attack the other side which may connect to the everyday life.
    By this students will try to be offensive to all the word their friends say
    i think in conclusion, School should require a disussion class which makes coorperation more important

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