Should an EMT-B be able to administer nasal Narcan (Naloxone) within the United States?

Asked by: bgnato
  • Nasal Narcan should be allowed to be administered by EMT-B

    Narcan also known as Naloxone is a strong antagonist that reverses reactions of many opioid drugs. Although, some states allow for EMT-B to administer this drug to overdosed patients, many states still permit only Paramedics to administer the drug. There are many situations where EMT-B knows that the patient is suffering from an overdose and that a correct dose of narcan can reverse the reaction and stablelize the patient to be transported safely to the hospital setting. I believe that all EMT should be permitted to administer Narcan if the dosage is specified, and since EMT-B is unable to use needles it should be allowed to be administered via nasal passages.

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