Should an ethics subject be compulsory in every level of education?

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  • Ethics is what keeps the peace

    As someone who has taken an Ethics class in Philosophy and in Criminal Justice and seen first hand on a daily basis how people without a formal education in the subject behave and justify behavior. I would say Absolutely it should be as mandatory as learning to read and write. Ethics teaches us how to respond and act proactively in situations that lead to the best outcomes for everyone. Instead of looking out only for ourselves (which is not how humans have survived this long as a species), it helps to teach us how to live together without invoking arguments from authority or traditions.

  • We Need More Ethics

    I believe our world is full of unethical people. I doubt they are that way because they lack ethics education, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to try to change it somehow. I think ethics would be served well with children starting ethics discussion in grade school. I believe you could have a full blown ethics class at the high school level.

  • An ethics subject should be compulsory in every level of education.

    An ethics subject should be compulsory in every level of education. Children should be taught the ins and outs of ethics starting at a very young age. That way, they know what is and what is not ethical and also how they can make their behavior and the behavior of others ethical.

  • Ethis improves the way of living

    Ethics is very necessary in the every level of the education .It devlops the student personality and teaches the good quality (mercy,respect ,discipline,honesty). These are very important qualities for us .The way of life can be change if we know about the ethics. For the devlopment of the country depends upon the youth generation of that country . So It is necessary that youth generation should devlop their personality and adopt the good quality in our life.

  • Ethics or moral philosophy ?

    Moral philosophy it is deceiving. It is a system of methods, principles, and rules for regulating a given discipline without any foundation.
    A Philosophy of underlying principles and rules of an organized philosophical system, a study of principles underlying of an organization of a various sciences of different religion practices.
    This type of Education is a branch of pedagogics dealing with analysis and evaluation of all world religions in one, it is a subjects to be taught to make one mind under a controlling system of what a person believes, this has to be observed delicately, this methods of teaching of this type of subject is critical, In other words ethics makes a person tolerate anything and believing in nothing. If a person losses the moral reasoning one becomes a methodological.

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