Should an international counsel be formed among today's leading industrial countries to monitor worldwide energy consumption?

  • This would shine some ligh on the situation

    Yes, there should be a counsel formed to monitor the worldwide energy consumption. This would give everyone an open picture on the large amounts of energy that is used by each country. We use energy without regard that in the future it may not be in abundance. This counsel can bring light to energy consumption and this may be the first step to lower energy consumptions in various areas.

  • Yes, starting with themselves.

    It seems as if the industrial nations always want to be telling the less industrial countries how much and what kind of energy they should use. Instead they should form a council that lets them look at themselves first and monitor their energy usage so that they can serve as a model for the world.

  • Energy is a precious resources and should be controlled.

    Electricity, gas, oil, coal and other sources of energy are precious resources. If not controlled properly we will run out of them before we know it. Also these resources can harm the planet in the fact that to get these precious resources we have to tear up the earth and harm different animals to get them. If they are controlled then it would be less wasted and less needed to ripped from the earth.

  • It Sounds Helpful

    I believe it would be a good idea to start an international counsel of today's leading industrial countries to monitor worldwide energy consumption. I think battling this problem on an international level would be far more effective than simply handling it locally. I believe a counsel like this could be to all of our benefits.

  • This would be a terrible idea.

    This idea stems directly from the idea of man made global warming, which lacks significant evidence to be true. This council would likely elect to restrict energy usage to much lower than it currently is, thus reducing pollution. While I am all for reducing pollution, there are much better and more effective ways to go about it than this.

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