Should an international investigation ensue for Philippines President Duterte?

  • Yes, he appears to be very dangerous.

    President Duterte of the Philippines seems to be very dangerous for both the country and the world. He needs to be investigated and monitored. A lot of his rhetoric is frightening, and he appears to be slaughtering thousands of people in the name of law and order. Something should be done to stop him before the situation becomes much worse.

  • I think an investigation into Philippines President Duterte should be conducted.

    Philippines President Duterte should be investigated as his presidency and how he became elected are questionable. His corrupt history and populist rhetoric and persona lead many to believe he will jeopardize relations in the region including relations with the United States. An extensive international investigation should be conducted very soon.

  • Inhumane Crime Punishment

    There should definitely be an international investigation into the orders that President Duterte has put forward. Killing all drug dealers does not get at the inherent problem accurately. More and more will just pop up. There should be a different approach to eliminating drugs that does not involve killing people.

  • Yes, an international investigation should ensue for Philippines President Duterte.

    Yes, an international investigation should ensue for Philippines President Duterte because he is slowly ruining his country's relationship with its allies. He has already dismissed the United States and will not get help from other major countries. He is not doing a good job at representing the needs of his people.

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