Should an weed be legalized in all continents? One singular weed though

Asked by: RobertAskew
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  • C a n c e r

    Cancer patients need it. It slows the cancer . It help with als .And it is proven . But you should have a medical cards .And it doesnt cause cancer.And definatly doesnt causee mental illness . Ive studied it my self . My friend HAD cancer now he doesnt. Cancer may be solved

  • U r bad

    Marijuana should be legalized for medical purposes only and not for recreation. Marijuana has killed many people in the past and can have serious effects on the users health. Marijuana can give people cancer, and mental illnesses. The United States should not legalize it because it will have terrible effects on society. On the other hand some people with certain conditions need marijuana to numb the pain or fix their medical issue.

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