Should Andrew Jackson be removed from the $20 bill for his involvement in the Trail of Tears?

  • Of course he should be replaced

    Jackson was a racist who caused massive death and suffering for native Americans. Yeah, That was what times were like, But that doesn’t make it okay, And we should remove him from the bill and replace him with Tubman. Tubman is a hero who saved hundreds, Jackson is a villain who killed thousands, Easy as that.

  • He's a snake in a green grass

    He was a slave owner, Hostile to the forces of abolitionism that were rising in America. He imposed a cruel policy of Indian removal, Forcing the tribes of the South-east across a brutal march to the Oklahoma territory. He was a hot-headed general, Quick to violence and known to overstep his legal bounds, As when he summarily executed two Britons for aiding the Indian enemy during the First Seminole War.

  • Ya boiz don't understand what Jackson did

    During the War of 1812, He didn't save the country. The war had already ended and a treaty had been signed when he fought the battle of New Orleans. News traveled slowly then so people thought that he had won the war. He got all our money out of the Second Bank of the United States and into state banks which prospered for a few years and then crashed because of inflation, Hence creating the Panic of 1837. He was the main person who wanted the Trail of Tears. One, He's supposed to be a people's president but many organizations and people didn't want the Trail of Tears but he still did it. Two, The Supreme Court ruled that the Cherokees can stay and yet Andrew Jackson pushed them out of their land with force. Andrew Jackson had disobeyed the Supreme Court another time after that when he got rid of the bank. Three, We could have the same amount of land right now without the trail of tears. We could leave the natives and go around them into the Louisiana Territory. George Washington was one of the people who basically created the United States. Andrew Jackson wasn't and Jackson also had slaves. Andrew Jackson didn't save our country, He almost destroyed it. He is very hot headed and doesn't follow directions. Yea how many good things did he do?

  • Hes a fake person

    Hes supposed to be a "people's" president. Well many organizations and people didn't agree with the Indian Removal Act and yet he still did it. Does that seem like a person who listens to the people? He also didn't listen to the supreme court who had ruled that the Cherokee people can stay. He needs to not be honored. He should be disgraced

  • Jackson hated 6ix9ine

    He was a supporter of the brother so now the gang gottaq support him jk he didnt support him so now he get taken of the money like gang gang gang buss down thotiana pull up on the block then i bleed it slide if i don't drop somethin i can't leave it

  • He was a bad person

    I just dot like what he did to the Indians plus he didn't even like paper money with is such a waste to have him o the $20 bill sorry but o thinks plus some these women need to be recolonized as well can't let all the me have all of it.

  • I don't know

    I'm not sure if I think he should be or not. He did many good and bad things. A bad thing is the Indian removal act or the trail of tears but he also was the first and only president to make America have zero national debt. He also did the bank war but i don't know if thats bad or good.

  • Yes, He is very scummy

    Andrew Jackson should not be on the bill, Although he did many great things for our country he also did very many horrible things. There are lots of people who have been better people and who deserve to be honored more than Andrew Jackson. People who did things from the goodness of their hearts. He led the trail of tears, He over ruled congress like a king and completely disobeyed their word.

  • Andrew may be okay, But TUBMAN deserves it more.

    Many people say we should "Preserve the history". Tubman is part of history as well! Beside, We need a GIRL on some bills, And Harrit tubman was n amazing person. I would want her if she was a boy as well! She freed loads of slaves! SHE helped shape our country. And no we can't just "make a new bill". Make a new one for Jackson! 20$ bills are more common.

  • Because he is a beast, but a beast too good for the 20 dollar bill... HAHAH JK. Because he made many decisions that were bad.

    For example, he was a big part of the Eaton affair, and he passed the indian removal act which was unfair and unreasonable for the people including the native americans. It also cause the trail of tears, and 1/4th of the native population suffered through excruciating, agonizing pain and died.

  • Blame Everyone for Their Mistakes

    He did do a lot of bad things but he still did good things for this country. The other presidents don't get as much heat on their faults. They have good intentions but they don't make the best choices for the problem. Many presidents made mistakes, so why should we only blame Jackson for his? Washington had slaves. Chester A. Arthur had signed the Chinese Exclusion Act. Bill Clinton bombed a pharmaceutical factory in Sudan.

  • Hiding the past is not the answer

    None of the founding fathers were saints. George Washington owned slaves as did many of the signers of the Constitution. We shouldn't try to white wash the past and pretend it never happened or worse hide it from future generations. We also can't look at things through a 21st century lens and expect everything that happened 100 years ago to make perfect sense. People need to objectively look at what happened and why and learn from it. IS the Trail of Tears a horrible point in the United State's history, Yes. Do we need to understand why Andrew Jackson did what he did and why, Yes. Is trying to hide him from the public and this event bad, Yes.

  • Enough is enough with the sensitivity.

    Andrew Jackson should not be removed from the twenty dollar bill because of his involvement in the trail of tears. It's a part of history as bad as it is. We took actions that we did and it is now a part of the US horrible history against non whites. If he is to be removed from that, George Washington should be removed for owning slaves.

  • No, Andrew Jackson should not be removed from the $20 bill.

    I do not think that Andrew Jackson should be removed from the $20 bill for his involvement in the Trail of Tears. I think that if such a thing were to occur, a lot of other presidents might be considered for removal from their current bills. I think that this idea is political.

  • Why Not Just Make A New Bill?

    You can just make a new bill and then Put Tubman on that. He kill alot of people but he gave them many chances. He even said that he would pay them. They just wanted do go the hard way. And even after that those same people killed their own kind.John Ridge, and Major Ridge were killed by four of their own men. Jackson was genuinely trying to help?

  • People only remember the Trail of Tears, but Jackson did way more that was good for our country than bad.

    Can we not forget that he saved our country during the war of 1812? Or how about how he is the only President to ever be taken as a POW. Or how he got all our money out of international banks and back into the country and removed all our debt? He scaled back the size of the federal government just enough to open it up to even plain folk, not just the rich. He also stopped the first attempt of an American secession from South Carolina. Yes, the Civil War would've happened without Lincoln, Grant, and Sherman to save the union and delayed the secession of the south by at least 25 years. Everyone only remembers the Trail of Tears, but one, that wasn't all him. Two, our country wouldn't be what it is today land wise without the ToT, so stop acting like you're complaining about it anyways. How about you remember the good stuff this guy did. Also, should we remove Washington from the bill and quarter because he was a slave owner, or Grant because he did nothing as president. Something we all need to remember about the people on the bills is that they all saved our country in their own way, even Hamilton to an extent. Andrew Jackson definitely deserves to be on a bill more than Harriet Tubman.

  • He Expanded the U.S. Greatly

    He expanded the United States with the Louisiana purchase and even though the trail of tears could be considered un-ethical it opened the door for more westward expansion. So even though it might seem like he was a terrible person chances are unless you live on the east coast, he is part of the reason you can live where you live now.

  • Stop crying wolf

    No dont change current $ just make a new bill. How dumb are these politicians. So we will habe to get rid of a guys face thats not here to defend himself. The govt does just about whatever they want anyway. Let's change the penny why is it copper color and whys Lincoln on the 5 and on a penny makes mo sense

  • Andrew Jackson Built this Country

    It is absurd to apply 21st Century Ethics to the 18th Century World.
    In one of the greatest victories in American history, memorialized in song, Jackson routed a British army and aborted a British scheme to seize New Orleans, close the Mississippi, and split the Union.
    In 1818, ordered to clean out renegade Indians rampaging in Georgia, Jackson stormed into Florida, seized and hanged two British agitators, put the Spanish governor on a boat to Cuba, and claimed Florida for the USA.

  • It isn't important!

    What would you like us to do? Return the land? That's not going to happen. Let's learn form our mistakes, and not repeat them. Let's remember President Andrew Jackson for the good things that he has done. He brought democracy to the average man, let's celebrate that. We can't be sensitive towards one group of peoples, because no matter what you do, people will be insulter. I actually am a Native American/ American Indian. It doesn't offend me because this country has grown so much since then. Let's learn, move on, and never repeat. The fact that people argue over this is stupid. Fight over the real problems, like wars and starvation, not on the man who is on you $20 bill!

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