Should Andy Reid be the next coach of the Kansas City Chiefs?

  • A Step Up

    Andy Reid has 14 years of head coaching experience, and although 2012 was an utter disaster for him, I think being with a new organization and having a new team to reorganize will be good for him. Although he could use a break to freshen his mind, he's still a huge step up from Todd Haley and Romeo Crennel, neither of which did anything with a team that has talent. Andy Reid has a proven record of winning, and given the appeal of five Pro Bowlers and the #1 overall draft pick, a good coach like Reid is the final piece the Chiefs need to contend with the Broncos in the AFC West.

  • Yes, Andy Reid should be the next coach of the Kansas City Chiefs.

    Definitely yes! Andy Reid brings much needed experience, wisdom and talent to any team he touches. The Kansas City Chiefs are lucky to have such a high caliber coach interested in their team. With the addition of Andy Reid, I am certain the Kansas City Chiefs will soon be a winning team!

  • Yes

    The Kansas City Chiefs would be lucky to get Andy Reid. They haven't had a decent coach since Marty Schottenheimer, and Andy Reid has a proven track record of success in a tough Philly market. Coaching in KC, which has a great RB, an improving DEF, and what should be a good quarterback if they select one in the first round, should help Andy Reid continue his success in this league.

  • Yes

    A coach is as good as his quarterback, Reid was good for years because he had McNabb. Kansas City has the number one pick in the draft so he will be able to draft the best quarterback this year and will be back on top in a year or two.

  • Reid will falter like previous two seasons.

    Andy Reid in my opinion is a top 5 coach in the NFL, however, I don't think Andy should enter an organization without a starting quarterback. Given his experience, and expertise in coaching, it's not a wise choice to enter the Chiefs organization. Don't get me wrong, Andy brings a different atmosphere to whatever organization he chooses. This draft class is very subpar, in comparison too the the previous two, exspecially at the quarterback position (Cam Newton, Sam Bradford, RG3, Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck). Just not the right time or place

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