• Yes Andy Warhol's art should be valuable, more valuable in fact since his life is such a divisive topic.

    You may or may not agree with all of Andy Warhol's antics and personality traits, but many artists are eccentric. I in fact don't care much for the man myself, but that has nothing to do with the value of his art. In fact, since he is such a hot controversial topic, his art should be even more valuable.

  • Yes, all art should be of value.

    I believe that all art, from alleyway graffiti to Michelangelo, is of value. Andy Warhol's art may not be considered "art" by some people, but any creative expression is indeed art. The value of the arts in general is going down, which is a shame because of how important it has been throughout history. Creative pursuits are all valuable, and no one should condemn an artist because they simply do not like them.

  • Yes, Andy Warhol's art should be cherished and valued.

    Yes, Andy Warhol was ahead of his time. He popularized "pop" art and in his time, he was very unique. Many artist today were greatly influenced by his work and they are expanding upon where he left off. He shaped the way popular culture is perceived.Without Andy Warhol's work, popular culture wouldn't be the same.

  • American Classic Artist

    Andy Warhol may be a minimalist, but his art is an American classic. Apparently, many people feel his art is worth a lot of money and his estate still makes a lot of money off the sales of original works. Some people may not understand the fascination of collectors with Warhol's body of work. However, no one has had as much influence on contemporary American art sales as Warhol.

  • Started pop art

    Yes, this artist's paintings should be worth a lot of money, because he started a new trend of art in pop art. He had a revolutionary new idea, and also had a great deal of talent, which is shown in his different works, which I believe now are worth alot.

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