• Andy Wahol's death was tragic. His life was cut short.

    Andy Warhol's death was a tragic death and probably could have been prevented. He knew he had a problem with his gall bladder and his fear of hospitals prevented him from getting treatment sooner. By the time he consented to the surgery, his body was in a state of distress. The hospital and the doctors did make mistakes as evidenced by their settlement agreement. The tragedy is that he died before he could provide the world with more.

  • Yes, he left work undone

    Andy Warhol was an innovative artist. The king of pop art, and
    the central figure of a creative circle, he explored the connection between
    transgressive behavior and creativity. He was 59 when he died, after
    gallbladder surgery. He was not young, but he was still an important artist,
    still exploring his ideas and doing good work. It is sad to think of the art
    the world will never see because of his tragic premature death.

  • Yes, it was.

    I was never a follower or fan of Andy Warhol, but it is usually tragic when anyone dies. It is sad that he had a fear of being treated for his gall bladder disease and went in for a routine operation which resulted in him dying in his sleep from a heart arrhythmia.

  • Not that it was his death itself that was tragic, but more how he died.

    When someone passes away from a simple surgical procedure that is what is tragic. Yes, he was an amazing artist and has some iconic pieces. But his death is no more tragic that any one elses. But to die from a gull bladder surgery that is nothing but routine is what was a shame.

  • You Could Say That

    Andy Warhol died due to a cardiac arrhythmia after having surgery on his gallbladder which he had avoided treatment for due to his personal fears of medical care. He died somewhat young, at 58, and his family was also successful in settling out of court with the hospital itself. I think it is fair to call his death a tragedy.

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