• Yes. It's morally wrong.

    Abuse is wrong. I thought this was a simple thing to understand. We are all animals, so technically this means, should abusers be killed? Yes, totally. I still need twenty three words so... Yea. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, zero. Overall, abuse is just immoral.

  • No Excuse for Animal Abuse.

    Anyone who can deal pain or suffering upon any creature on this planet has lost their right to live amonst decent human beings. These subordinates have no place on this earth, The creatures cannot protect themselves so we must act on their behalf and rid the world of such vermin. An EYE for an EYE is justice.

  • Society has no use for people who torture animals.

    These individuals are not worthy of rehabilitation, Nor is rehabilitation likely to help them anyways. The same way we put down dogs who tear toddlers apart, We should put down animal torturers. You have to remember that humans are mammals, Intelligent mammals yes, But still unpredictable beasts. There should be more initiatives to lure neighborhood cat killers into a public lynching.

  • Animal abusers deserve death

    Animals are pure and amazing creatures, And there are terrible idiots in this world who hurt these innocent animals for no reason good enough. I have VERY strong feelings about animals, And how amazing they are, And anyone who dares to hurt or kill an animal on purpose deserves to rot in the eternal pits of hell for the rest of their lives.

  • Animal abusers just get away with it. Some are psychopaths who harm people too.

    In China, Korea, Vietnam and Indonesia animals including cats and dogs are burned alive, Skinned alive and chopped up alive in the belief it makes the meat taste better. This is the worst experience in the world. The Vietnamese drown kittens and eat them. Drowning is a cruel death. There are so many examples of animal cruelty I cannot write them all here. Psychopaths often start off torturing animals, Then they move onto humans. Of course animals feel pain. Animal abusers deserve to be executed.

  • There is no treatment or cure for psychopathology

    Unfortunately, There has been relatively no progress in curing psychopathology/sociopathology. Anyone who harms and/or kill an animal for sadistic pleasure is clearly an aggressive psychopath. Non-human animals are far more innocent than humans, So if a human can act out such disgusting rage on a helpless creature, They are likely to murder a human when they get a chance. Even if you are not a fellow animal lover, For the sake of humankind as well, These people are extremely dangerous and do not contribute positively to society.

  • Punish and kill

    Punish how they abused the animal and then kill them. . . People that hurt animals or others shouldnt be alive. . . Animals are loving creatures I can't even kill a bug. . . Every living things has the right to live and be loved. . Except the abusers they aren't human they aren't even animals they are worthless piece of garbage that needs to be burned in hell

  • Disgusting human beings

    Any person who willfully hurts an animal should be killed no questions asked. Animals are defenseless anyone who can purposely harm an innocent animal has nothing good to provide the world. All of them are mass murders, Child abusers, Rapists. They should all be killed, They don't deserve to live or even live in jail.

  • Yes in most cases

    Killing animals for reasons other than for food that you actually intend to eat (no pets) mercy killings like having to put a sick animal in pain or pest control (insects arachnids reptiles or rats) and of course torturing or injuring an animal leading or not leading to death should never be accepted either.

  • People who abuse animals are often capable of violence against people.

    I feel like each case should be evaluated in a court of law. However, we need much stricter punishments than the common simple fines and minute sentences that are currently being used. We know that animals do not deserve it, they do not provoke torture and attacks. We need to create a standard; for example, I don't believe experimenting on a rat warrants the same punishment as that man who dragged his Shepherd by the neck with his wheelchair down the road. Those same people are often able to keep those pets, or even adopt another immediately after. We need stricter punishments, and in extreme cases I believe the death penalty will deter others from commiting the same crime.

  • Seriously? No... No.

    First of all, I love animals of all kinds. The simple truth, however, is that animals are not as important to our society as humans. We should not set a precedent establishing that an animal's life is a precious as a human's. I think animal abuse SHOULD be punished. But it's not murder to kill an animal.

  • Animal abuse is not ok.. But murdering the abuser is equally as wrong.

    Animal abuse is wrong and should have a punishment enforced if it happenes but the punishment for abuse should not be equal to or more severe than the punishment given for killing a human(meaning the death penalty). It is generally believed that an animal is not on the same level as a human.

  • No not at all

    First of all, 'animal' abuse occurs everywhere, especially within animals themselves. It depends on what you mean or perceive by 'abuse'. Do I think it's wrong for a human being to use their power to hurt another animal, yes torture should not be tolerated but the meaning of 'torture' can be fluctuating, especially with the fact that there is no clearcut view to what is 'animal abuse'. For example, in Spain it is widely accepted and celebrated to perform lacerations on a bull as a cultural phenomenon, whether in the United States it might seem as cruel and unacceptable. I don't personally think you should degrade, hurt or torture an animal and I do think you deserve a sentence for doing so but death is a little bit too strong.

  • Against capital punishment anyway

    This highlights the emotional vengeance component of capital punishment.

    I'm a big fan of animals. Hate the idea of animal abuse, but the idea that I would exact vengeance like this is just as disgusting as the act of animal abuse.

    Purely an emotional appeal with little to no social benefit.

    Posted by: TBR
  • Of course they have to!!!

    Even they are animals, they are the same living things us. If a person took away an animal's life, they have to have have they're lives equally.
    I don't even understand why they could kill cute animals like that. Also, if they don't stop it immediately, this thing will go on forever.

  • Animal abuse is not wrong.

    Animal abuse isn’t wrong. They are just animals. Now human abuse that is much more serious. But animals isn’t that bad. At most they should be given a fine. That is it. Animals are just these creatures who live with us on earth. Not humans. That is why animal abuse shouldn’t be punished by death or at all.

  • Let's get this straight

    Animal abuse is just a horrible thing, If someone kills an innocent animal they should know how it feels to be slaughtered for no reason. Personally i think whatever the abuser did they should be punished by, Say if someone left there pet in the woods to die overnight, They should be punished by being left in the woods with nothing but themselve to see how the animal felt. But i do say if someone kills innocent animals multiple time they should know how it feels to be murdered. I would agree yet disagree at the same time. But i can't :D

  • Don't kill the animals abuser but punish them in some other ways.

    Well we all know that animal is something we truely love and we would definitely hate people that abuse and hurt them but still,we should should ot kill them but punish them in another way instead of killing them.
    And anyway, humans are also living being so we shouldn't kill them, and animals are also living being as well so we do not have the right to kill them.

  • People should and Should not

    Animals are the best things in the world and a humans best friend.They should not get abused or punished.People should get punished like what they do to the dogs because they will see what the dogs feels like and the will or wont change their minds and keep going and that's a bad thing.If they dont get punished they will just keep hitting their dog and not see what the dog is going threw and what it feels like.I have felt getting hit before.

  • No death for animal abuse

    Yes animal should not be abuse but that's to harsh.People should not go to death for animal abuse maybe jail but not death.Can we just have another way to make people stop animal abuse.Yes its very very very bad for animal abuse maybe more then a fin but less then death.

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