• Cloning animals should be banned

    These animals will not have the same rights as others, I know it could be beneficial for food and supplies but do you really think hey will have an enjoyable life being born into life as an extra? Is cloning animals really worth the money and would you non naturally create a replicate of your dead pet, when really everybody should be born naturally and have a fear chance on life.

  • I think animal cloning should be illegal.

    This reason is because we can't replace what was already destroyed even though we have the technology some people do not agree with this. Some people might consider this as animal cruelty because they are forcing animals to deplicate the animals that should be resting. Even though people might have different opinions I think that this issue is unacceptable to me and other people that agree with me

  • This is just not write and if no one agrees with you have a problem.

    This is just stupid and there are absolutely no need for cloning. It is just pointless and a huge insult upon nature. There are so many things that can go wrong and just doing this is animal cruelty. By experimenting on these animals your not only causing pain to the mother but you are also putting a lot more pain on the infant animal. Just please DON'T DO THIS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It can save lives

    Isaac Wang
    Is Animal cloning beneficial or not?
    Did you know that animal cloning could make jurassic park/world real? Its true! Animal cloning can bring back extinct animals. According to SIRS issue researcher we can clone extinct animals by taking their DNA stands and implementing them into an egg that has its own DNA and n

  • Animals would die quickly.

    Animal cloning is unethical because we would just use these animals for our personal gain, instead of cloning them just to help tend the land. For instance, if we were to clone a bunch of cows, they would all have the same genetics. Caused by this, if one cow cannot survive a disease, all of them would die.

  • Animals don't need to be cloned

    If we clone a cow a bunch of times and put them all in a farm together, if one cow cant survive a disease, none of them can! The genetics could get messed up or the animal might get severe abnormalities. WE DON'T NEED CLONED ANIMALS IF WE CAN BREED THEM IN FARMS. T^T

  • Yes it should be banned

    Cloning is a waste of money because cloning itself has a great chance of fail and even if you succeed in the cloning the clone will not have the same personality. You should not clone your pet because of your own sadness. Also when you clone a pet you are putting a female animal in great amounts of stress and pain. And did you know America doesn’t approve of pet cloning?

  • Playing God Is Bad

    When you clone animals forcefully it is as if you are playing god recreating life unnaturally. This is why I say that cloning animals is very bad. Even though it only helps man. Animals should be allowed to reproduce naturally like normal animals. HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF A PERSON LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE YOU ?????

  • Animals should be able to do what the want

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  • No I think Animal Cloning should be banned

    Like humans once we die we do not come back so why bring humans back? This is why animal cloning should be banned. These reasons are move on with life and treat animals like humans. First after a death of a love one, you need to learn to move on. You don't want to spend your life remembering how something valuable meant to you. Finally we are always told to treat animals like humans. If we don't clone humans why would be clone animals? The fact of seeing someone that has passed would be an awkward situation. In all we shouldn't clone animals because we need to move on and treat animals like humans. Animal cloning should be banned. Next time a animal died let them live in peace while so you can move one without reliving the past.

  • No to cloning!!!

    This is so cruel to the animals!!! Imagine if you where an animal and a bunch of scientists mixed up your DNA and you turn out to have a but on your head!!! The personality of your pet will change also and it will hate you rather that loving you!!!

  • It will end world hunger

    It will be able to reduce world hunger since it can increase the amount of livestock which can allow people from across the world to be able to consume meat. This can also lead to the discovery of new transplants/treatments which can save the live of many human beings which are suffering from severe illness. The cause of Alzheimer's was in fact found out through animal testing.

  • Animal cloning may be helpful in the future.

    We don’t think that animal cloning should be banned. In the future, animal cloning may be able to
    save the lives of many humans and animals.
    Animal cloning may be able to save endangered species and brink extinct
    species back to life. Animal cloning may
    also be the answer to the world’s food shortage.

  • It Can Lead to New Discoveries

    Cloning animals and plants should not be banned, but under necessary control. This could actually be the answer to ending world hunger. Now, I know you will say that an unknown disease might come along, but what if before the operation, they look over every resource to what could transmit a disease. If they find something, they create a cure for it or suppressant to prevent the disease from coming along. Cloning provides us a new way to step into the future to find new cures and sciences. But, this can all be good, if under necessary control.

  • Animal cloning may be helpful in the future.

    I don’t think that animal cloning should be banned. In the future, animal cloning may be able to
    save the lives of many humans and animals.
    Animal cloning may be able to save endangered species and brink extinct
    species back to life. Animal cloning may
    also be the answer to the world’s food shortage.

  • We can bring back extinct animals!

    If we get animal cloning we can bring back animals that we made extinct we just put a piece of their dna into an egg and clone them we could also bring back harmless creatures like dodo's or extinct fish as pets, although I don't recommend it , we can bring back dinosaurs and make a dinosaur zoo

  • Cloning animals should be legal.

    If we clone animals we can keep animals from being extinct and build up endangered species numbers. It can build from 1 to a million then we can keep things from being extinct. People can hunt as much as they want and we might be able to bring endangered species back to life.

  • It will help our enviroment

    Cloning animals can make our earth greener and makes it less likely to have so many animals in extinction , we can use this for good. If we need more animals to help our plants or soil to be fetilized then we clone them , this helps our earth and sldo makes it prettier with natures animals more alive.

  • What happens to cloned animals?

    Cloned animals have shorter life spans. That means if you have a cloned pet you have spent a lot of money and your pet dies 2 months later. There is no point spending a long time cloning a pet. Plus, there is animals waiting to be adopted. Cloning animals is growing population in the United States, why not get a pet at a pet shelter?

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