• It's about time we take action with animal abuse!

    Animal Cruelty may very well be the worst possible thing that has ever occurred. Why hasn't the government taken action with creating a law to ban it? No one really knows the answer to that question. Innocent creatures are being tortured and abused, while such things would never happen to humans. Animals should be treated the same way that people are because years ago, we were animals ourselves. Apes walked and ruled the earth and we come from the same descent. There is no excuse for how animals are being treated. I rest my case, and thank you.

  • Animals have feelings

    The ASPCA do good work to prevent cruelty to animals but I believe the organisation needs more power to go into reported situations and remove animals from abusive homes. I know of a family who mistreat animals yet, they are still allowed to keep a variety of animals and end up just a 'slap on the wrist' because the animals are hidden away and then bought back when the investigation quietens down. In America the many humane societies have police power to arrest people or the police departments have animal specialists who work with the humane societies. More checks and enforcement notices need to be put into action as a beginning to wiping out the cruelty.

  • Its horrible, and it needs to be stopped

    Some animals are going extinct because of poaching. Poaching is also another animal abuse method. People cut the body parts off of the animals and the poachers leave them to die. For example, elephants and their tusks. People cut off the tusks of the elephants and they leave the elephants all bloody and waiting to die. Even if the elephants survive, elephants can't survive that long without their tusks because predators will eat them.

  • Of course it should!

    This shouldn't even be a question. I mean seriously people. So, we lose a little meat, big deal. THEY ARE LIVING THINGS. What if that were you?! Have you looked up animal slaughterhouse images? They are the worst, saddest things I have ever laid eyes upon. So BAN IT. RIGHT NOW, OR I WILL STOP EATING MEAT. Haha, yeah, I feel VERY strongly about this topic((:

  • They are just animals

    They are just animals, they don't understand us and we don't understand them. People kill, hurt, and abuse their pets for unknown reasons. If they don't like them, they didn't have to get them yet they do. They are innocent and don't deserve to be treated like a piece of crap.

  • Animals are living creatures.

    I think it's just sad how bad people treat animals. And I'm not just talking about domestic animals, even thought they are also mistreated, I'm also talking about wild animals, who are forced out of their environments,brought to zoos, killed for their fur. But what people don't realize is that they're living things too, they breathe,cry, dream, and have feelings like us, the only difference between us and the rest of the animals is that we're at the top of the food chain.

  • Imagine if we were the animals.

    We would feel trapped in cages, feel the pain everyday. Get beaten with the beats, and have scars and blood. Slaughtered just for our precious skin. Died just for our meat. Well, if we don't appreciate these things happening to us, then the animals don't either. Just IMAGINE if we were the animals.

  • If it breathes oxygen, eats food, urinates and eliminates its feces as a human, it should be treated with the same human care.

    I have seen animal cruelty in person, I have seen the very monsters that called themselves owners, and worst of all I have seen the end result of the inhuman act upon the poor defenseless creature. Not only should it be banned from all existence, but the offender, be put to jail, and given the same treatment they once gave an animal or mother nature's design. If the offender should be caught with blood on their hands from murder of the animal, then the same fate should fall upon the accused. If I saw a human in peril, I'd save the animal before thought of the human passed through my mind.

  • They have feelings too.

    No matter if animals are humans or not they should still be treated with respect. They have the same feelings as humans, but they dont exactly have the ability to voice their problems except in the action of attack. They should not have to worry about being hurt everyday, or not being fed. Animals are supposed to be man's best friend.

  • Animals need food,water,shelter; just like Humans

    Who would live to see an animal be abused right in front of you? I surely wouldn't! People abuse animals everyday for fun, just because they don't do what the owner wants. It should be banned everywhere because the animal population is declining quickly due to people killing animals

  • Animals are needed

    Animals don't have feeling or opinions were as humans do. If a human dies at least 2 people will be upset we're as animals just reproduce some more. Plus who doesn't like the smell and taste of bacon frying! Come on people focus on tigers and lions yes but don't stop eating meat just cause a few hippies are upset

  • It's sad, but animals aren't people.

    Animal cruelty is a terrible thing. On the other hand, the government should concern itself primarily with human rights. Those who practice animal cruelty should be found out, shamed, and their cruel businesses be boycotted. However, except in the most extreme cases, there should not be legal action against them. Let the decency of the buying public punish them.


    WHY? Because they are not things that u adopt just to hurt them. They are here for a reason. They are here to be loved and to take care of. I am one of the voices that protects animals. You can be that voice too. You don't need to be a police, or a judge to speak up and fight for the right thing to do. You can help in many ways. An as to those people that do abuse of animals, You should be ashamed of yourself!

  • Animals aren't people.

    HUMANS ARE KILLING HUMANS as we speak right now. Why are we focusing on being who aren't even obligated to follow our law? If anything, we should be focusing on human rights, human welfare and human decency before we start getting sidetracked onto less urgent topics.

    The welfare of animals, particularly their emotions and feelings, are of no importance to the developing world right now. Not until we solve the more urgent problems, such as global warming, human trafficking, and slavery, should we start getting into the emotions of non-human beings.

  • It should be banned!

    Animals are not just things that walk, they are living creatures that deserve just a good life as a human. They have rights as well as humans. People kill them to feed us when there is more than enough food without killing these innocent animals. If they hurt you it is probably during a good reason due to trespassing or hurting them, anyway I think it should be banned!

  • Animals are private property

    Who are you to tell me what to so with my private property as long as it doesn't interfere with another human's personal rights. Everybody seems so eager to control someoneelse's actions, opinions or beliefs to match their own. Your unwittingly giving control to someone else. Soon someone will be making the argument that you can't sterilize your pet because it's cruel!

  • Totodilia and Expierences

    I read a fanfiction about this the other day. It was about a species of beloved pet named Totodiles that started looking like the Pokemon Totodile, but when they got older their scales turned gray and flaky, their lips and arms grew to massive sizes, and they would force-hug-and-kiss every human within eye content. Would you want to be hugged and kissed by an ugly gray blob with flaky lips and scales?

  • Pets are good for people

    They provide joy also they can improve your health and teach children values and social skills. Have you ever noticed your happier when around a pet?? Well, its true! Spending time with your dog, cat, or any other animal can have a positive impact on your mood and health. Pets can also be stress-fighters. They can block out any worries or troubles.

  • Yes, animal abuse should be banned forever.

    Animal abuse should be banned because it is harming animals every second of every day. This is just not right because we are all animals to, and i know that we would not like to be put under a table like that so why should we do that to them

  • We wouldn't let this happen to people, so why are we doing this to our animals!

    Are we going to stand for this?! Say it was your child this was happening to would you stand for it? My guess is no so why will we stand by and let this happen to our animals. Stand up and be their voice and ban animal abuse!Lets do this!

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