• Animal culling is be a disaster!

    Animal culling SHOULD be stopped! Why just go pick a bunch of animals and kill them? Animal culling is INSANE. I think that animal culling should be illegal for many reasons!

    Again, why would you want to go and kill a bunch of innocent animals?When you kill animals by culling, your just decreasing their population, increasing the risk of them being endangered/extinct. That would just cause MORE dilemma's to occur, like trying to raise their population again

  • Animal cull is not the solution

    Although at many times animals could cause a form of issue for us (woodlands damaged, unbalanced population of animals, etc.) I certainly believe that it is not correct for us to mass kill numbers of animals when it is definitely not the absolute answer to deal with our problems.

    Genocide would just mean that, that kind of animals would have their numbers decreased and therefore putting another specie into further danger of being endangered and then extinct. It is not humane and certainly only works temporally.

    Instead of driving population of animals out we should spend the money on further research and help for the animal who is in trouble or supply a more preferable solution. Think. Would it entirely mean that our problem could be solved by killing. No it is not.

    As humans we do not have the right to put life to death even though it is somewhat claimed to help life. We owe this world alongside its citizens but this is not how to repay our crimes as we are only further destroying. Whatever it may seem to be, there is not a doubt we are the main problem.

    Therefore I believe culls should be stop for the benefit of the poor animals and instead invest our time into finding a proper solution such as further research, and helping both sides.

  • Animal culling is an act of absolute inhumanity

    In my opinion, animal culling should be banned. Is it right to pick a bunch of animals and put them to death. It is completely madness. As humans, we do not have the right to kill innocent animals......If we continue indiscriminate animal culling just for the sake of decreasing their very population, then remember, we are also paving the way for them to become endangered/extinct. Whatever be the reason is, animal culling is not an absolute solution. It should be stopped.

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