• Stop Animal experimenttation

    It should be banned because soon it will make some animals become extinct. Okay, if some one that you knew and were really close to was being experimented on, would you want it to stop. I know i would, because i don,t know about you guys, but friends and family are very important to me.

  • You are just killing animals!

    Animals are not poor creatures! They are placed there to live like us! We have no right to control and kill them! We shall free animals and let them live peaceful! Ajfj fasjafsjfas fajsjfjas fjsjf fjsjf fjsj fjs j fsjf jfsj sfj sj l jafja f la fj a l

  • It is neccesary

    We need to test animals to insure it is safe for human consumption. I would rather have an animals being tested on than a population of humans. I don't mean to offend anyone; but, human lives matter more than animal lives. If you disagree, there is something extremely wrong with you.

  • It is Neccesary

    Although it is wrong to pointlessly harm or abuse an animal or any living creature without purpose or just because someone wants to and can, i find experimenting on animals to be necessary as it can help us gather data needed to help people, cure diseases, and solve problems. And overall it is better to do it on animals than people if their is a purpose

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