• Yes, God created animals for human use.

    Yes, animal fur should be sued for clothes, because God made animals with warm fur to be used. People have a great deal of respect for Indian culture, and Indians used animals to eat, and they used the pelts to make fur. This is a valid use of animal skin, and there is nothing wrong with using it.

  • Yes, Fur should be used for clothes.

    Humanity has a long history of using fur to make warm clothing, and in many cases where fur or hides are used the animal is slaughtered anyway for food. Using all parts of the animal is a matter of not wasting anything, and even though there are synthetic alternatives today that does not mean that they are of the same quality, durability and warmth as real animal furs and skins. Whether or not to wear animal products is a personal decision, so fur products should remain available.

  • Animals are serve for us

    Animals are here animals are meant to serve for us humans we humans should eat the animals in case also we should use their fur in order to make clothes for us humans we should also be allowed to use their animal fur in case ok ok bye bye 👋

  • Yes we should

    Yes I think that we should have to use animal fur for clothes because we need clothes because everyone needs clothes ok and they should have to use animal fur for clothes ok ok ok ok ok ok so yeah my final answer is yes ok ok bye bye 👋 k

  • God said so

    God created animals animals are meant to serve for all of us humans also animals are also there to be used in everything so that way we can use animals in everything and of course anything ok ok so we should have to use animal fur for clothes okay okay

  • Yeah I agree

    Yes I think that we should have to use animal fur for clothes because clothes protect our human skin ok and yes they should have to use animal fur for clothes because humans belong to this earth and of course animals are there meant to be served to all humans and of course humans should always use animals in everything

  • Those who say no are uneducated

    Those who say no are probably uneducated ok and yes they should have to use animal fur for clothes because it is for god because god created animals for us humans to be served and of course to be use so we should use animal fur for clothes for good

  • Yes it should

    Yes I think that we should have to use animal fur for clothes because god created these animals for us humans to exist ok and we should have to use animal fur for clothes ok ok ok so we should have to use animal fur for clothes indeed and shut up no side

  • Fur is a Responsibly Produced Natural Clothing Material

    Fur is a natural renewable resource that is produced responsibly and sustainably. The modern fur trade is an excellent example of the sustainable use of renewable natural resources as promoted by the IUCN (World Conservation Union) and other conservation authorities. It is much preferable to synthetics, Most of which are made from petrochemicals and leach micro-plastics into our waterways and marine life every time they are washed. See TruthAboutFur for more about the environmental ethic of the modern North American fur trade.

  • Animal Hides are Needed

    So in the beginning whether you are christian or not all people used animals for clothing. It states in the bible that God had clothed Adam and Eve with the hide of an animal. The neanderthals wore animals for clothing because they had to survive the harsh winters. Even now the Canadians, Eskimos, And Russians use animals for clothing because they have an abundance of animals and they have to stay warm in the winters. So yes animal hides are needed for clothing. However I do not believe that it should be used a fashion trend. That is just disrespect to the wildlife.


    First of all, Animals should not be skined, Flayed, Or painfully or forcefully shaved to make products that can be made with plant materials. Would you like to be flayed just so someone else can step on you all day? No you don't. Skinning animals is brutal and cruel, So you should not do it! >:(

  • No. No, U should not do this. . .

    Yes, I know, "but what if they ate the animal and just wanted use for it clothing after? " some tribes do this BUUUT some type fabric/silk! Yes, It does come from sheep, But you do not have to SLAUGHTER IT.

    Its the same thing if a rat slaughter you and uses your skin for clothing

    wOuLd YoU lIkE ThAT? ! ? ! ? ! ?

    It's stupid how there are no laws stating that you can't kill these poor animals. . .

  • No! They animals deserve to live!

    This tragic problem is always due to wealthy and greedy people always wanting more so they steal the fur of animals so they freeze in high temperatures or be uncomfortable. Have you ever thought of the dangers? Animals could get hurt easily! We don't need their fur as we have loads of materials and scraps, Which we use for granted and it is so awfully, Greedy and selfish how we do not thing of the animals, Who are barely, Surviving each day! SO STOP NOW!

  • No because animals have feelings just like humans they are not accessories

    Some people think that it is okay to kill animals and use them for fashion because they don’t know that animals have feelings like us and sometimes it is really hard for them to protect them self and there children from predators some people can be cruel so they don’t care about the animals

  • Animals are here for us in times of need.

    You are stupid to think that animals are human tools - do you remember that people call dogs humans best friend? Imagine being a young kid with that dog that you so dearly loved, And it being taken away and stabbed in front of you. How would you feel? Especially if that was the only family left to you, I wouldn't be surprised if your answer was excruciatingly painful. For you people who are like - oh hell these animals are going to die but re-spawn like in a kids game, You are just wrong. The rate that we kill them is to quick for them to reproduce and keep their species alive. So you, My friend feel that excruciating pain again, Now times it by all the lives of not just that dog, But every animal's soul that has been taken away for skin.

  • don't kill animal to get fur clothing is dad animals did nothing😭

    Plz don't do it its bad i hate you all i hope u all die that is make fut clothing don't do that animals did nothing do u know some animals that u are takeing had familys do u even care just die all of you that is make fur clothing

  • No one should use it for fashion!

    Because your hurting the animals and did you know that some fur clothes are from your furry friends as in dogs, Cats and rabbits? ! So I mean if you pressed yes then that means you want your furry friends or your friends furry friends to die for you to look fashionable. THAT IS VERY RUDE!

  • Animals see its cruel to end their lives

    Animals have sense how can you believe you
    should kill them also they die in pain and there
    aren't many beautiful animals on this world an
    imals have senses ifeed nuts to squirrels and
    they are pleased to see me I try to avoid eating
    meat or using fur now

  • Treat animals like people

    Sure animals aren't like us humans but we could at least treat them with respect! The poor animals are getting brutally murdered by our own kind! I'm a dog person and a cat person, Basically an animal person. I love all animals. We shouldn't be killing them for coats. When I saw the people who said that we should use animal fur for coats, I thought to myself, "Wow, These people are buttheads. I can't believe you guys. Srsly? You can't just not care about animals. We're animals! You want to have a turn getting slaughtered? You can have a chance to feel like what the animals are feeling like. Trash. I state my point. Bye Felisha!

  • Just think of it. . .

    Think of a mama going to get food 4 her cubs and then she gets in a trap and howls and the other wolfs are trying to help her and then they can't and then u see the people getting her and remember her cubs are still waiting and waiting and then nobody is caring for them just think when u press yes we should when you should press no

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