• Yes, Fur should be used for clothes.

    Humanity has a long history of using fur to make warm clothing, and in many cases where fur or hides are used the animal is slaughtered anyway for food. Using all parts of the animal is a matter of not wasting anything, and even though there are synthetic alternatives today that does not mean that they are of the same quality, durability and warmth as real animal furs and skins. Whether or not to wear animal products is a personal decision, so fur products should remain available.

  • Yes, God created animals for human use.

    Yes, animal fur should be sued for clothes, because God made animals with warm fur to be used. People have a great deal of respect for Indian culture, and Indians used animals to eat, and they used the pelts to make fur. This is a valid use of animal skin, and there is nothing wrong with using it.

  • Religion shouldn't be in this. And wearing animal fur is not inhumane!

    It is a freedom and a right to wear fur. I mean we wear leather, I am sure everyone is gonna be happy that your beloved leather on your watches, pants, jackets, and shoes, and your car interiors will be gone. And while we are at it, lets get rid of eating them right? Because obviously cutting them up into little pieces and decapitating them is WAY WORSE than skinning them. You are ruining our future, if we regulate animal fur, after a decade or so, leather will be the new issue and soon that will be gone. Then eating animals will be gone, and soon everyone is gonna be wearing canvases and eating salads the rest of their lives because animals are much more important then us. It's not like they kill humans too ok? And what's funnier is that you people say we protect animals, and still people kill each other, people hunt animal as a sport, people fish, people hunt bears, people kill sharks, people kill mice, everyone kills! OK! Your beloved god from the BIBLE EVEN REQUIRED ANIMAL SACRIFICES IN THE OLD TESTAMENT! So don't say oh god made us protect these animals, because as much as I love and believe in god, he required the lives of innocent animals himself!

  • Like this is the worst of humanity.

    I mean, we kill each other for gods sake, and for what? For border disputes? For fun? For your country? Why kill humans when it doesn't even benefit us. We kill cows for beef, pigs for pork and chicken for, well, chicken. How is it any worse to kill animals for fur, to keep us warm? Some may argue, food is more important. However, think about the people up in the mountains, or at the poles. Don't you think freezing to death is not important?

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  • Fur is a renewable resource.

    Animals have been used for there fur forever. The Native Americans used furs to stay warm and stay alive. The animals can be eaten or the meat donated. Animals are one of the most renewable resources there are. The people who say the animals will go extinct are uneducated. There are laws protecting endangered animals.

  • Yes, with guaranties for animals

    Hello from Spain. Very interesting article. I have same good memories about my mum wearing fur and I by her side, she smelled so good and was so warm and soft. I am honestly tired about the same story about fur, and I think it can be resume by one only word: hipocresy. People staring in a bad way, people judging other people, while they use leather shoes, or leather jackets, or a leather bag, or eat chicken... While there are prisons in the world where prisoners eat the same roots soap for years and have no showers and sleep with rats and nobody cares. While there are wars and people killing other people, while we say to kill a baby in a mothers belly is a right...
    I do think we have to care for a responsable use of natural resources, and ask for Stop animal suffering, but please, lets stop this hipocresy and false ecologism. People dont use mothers fur because of fears and people judgments,this is finishing with their freedom althoug they are not making any new consum, Just because it is not politicly correct, while using a cheap coat made in Asia or India by people in hard conditions and no laboral rights and high contamination is ok. Fed up with hipocresy

  • It's CRUEL AND INHUMANE!!!!!!!!!!! ALSO UNESSESARY!!!!!!!!

    More than 2 million dogs and cats are FREAKING SLAUGHTERED every year for fur coats!! And 2 Billion rabbits and bunnies!! After captured or born on a fur farm this happens to them: skinned alive, electrocuted, poisoned, hanged, bled to death, slaughtered, suffocated, drowned or strangled with wild noses. And weren't dogs supposed to be a "man's best friend" They are our loyal pets,some people consider them members of the family. As goes for cats and bunnies. Why take an animals life for something that isn't even a basic need to us. Animals should have rights and shouldn't live a life trapped in a small cage, then become turned into a garment of clothing which is merely a fashion statement. But if you really wanna be a fasionista then get a faux fur coat, which is not only cheaper but lasts longer. Most perfumes and hairsprays damage real fur coats and dry them out. SO LOOK UR PET IN THE EYE AND CONSIDER WHAT IT WOULD BE LIKE TO KILL THEM AND MAKE A COAT OUT OF THEIR FUR AND WEAR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? - all from a 12 year old

  • I DON't CARE

    I have a tradition for killing animals, They Slice the heads off and take the meat while the organs are taken out, You may kill animals but you must kill them without causing pain. Sharpen the knife until its sharp and they will die with no pain, QUICKER THAN FALLING ASLEEP

  • Absolutely NOT !!!!!!!!!!!😑😑😑😑😑😑

    Animals. We lik them, we cuddle, we study buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, some thought it was a "good" idea to kill them. Three reasons why I support this is that it's evil, its, you know what, screweth. It's evil. Animals are slaughtered, killed, but they fight for their freedom. Those who skin animals leave their bodies all bloody and some of the killing methods are electricity and neck snapping

  • God didn't create animals for human use

    If animalsd are killed at the rte that they are being killed at , we won't have anymore animals left. Animals are important for ecological balance, wear faux fur instead . We can live without petroleum, IT'S NOT AS IMPORTANT AS A LIFE. Imagine yourself being skinned alive , electrocutes or your leg being broken as a trap. STOP THIS ! IT'S INHUMANE!

  • No animals should not have to die in the hands of humans anymore!

    Fur-bearing animals live horrendous lives when they are "ranched raised" on a "fur farm", or are brutally killed in the hands of trappers. On ranches, they spend their entire lives in tiny, filthy cages and suffer tremendously, many become deranged until they meet their brutal deaths. Several investigations in the US fur farms have revealed the lack of compassion found in their Chinese counterparts; animals living in inhumane conditions and equally mistreated before being brutally slaughtered. In many cases they use fake labels on their fur clothing when they are actually using cats and dogs, the slaughter of these animals is pitiless , cats are strangled inside their cages as other cats look on awaiting the same fait and dogs are noosed out by the neck by metal wires, and then slashed across the groin , the wire noose cuts into their throats as they struggle in pain before finally losing conscious . Did you know that China produces 85% of the fur on the planet and has no animal welfare laws to protect animals and many of the animals are still alive whilst being skinned and then throw onto massive piles of other animals and their bodies are thrown into the trash so they don't use anything else except the fur , it takes 24 cats to make one coat and it takes 10 dogs are used for one coat. GOD PUT HUMANS ON THE EARTH TO PROTECT ANIMALS NOT TO KILL THEM AND USE THEM FOR OUR OWN BENEFIT !! IF YOU DONT KNOW THAT STUDY YOUR BIBLE MORE

  • No animal should be used for fur clothing

    These animals are tortured and sometimes not even dead before they are skinned and their bodies tossed onto a pile. Fur-bearing animals live horrendous existences when they are "ranched raised" on a "fur farm", and they are brutally killed in the hands of trappers. On ranches, they spend their entire lives in tiny, filthy cages and suffer tremendously, many become deranged until they meet with their brutal deaths. God DID NOT PUT ANIMALS ON THE EARTH FOR US TO KILL!!!!!!! God PUT THEM HERE FOR US TO PROTECT!!!!

  • Are we eskimos?

    Are we eskimos? No we are not. They needed fur to survive. But we don't If you want to spend winter warm buy a fake fur or jacket. They are a lot cheaper and warmer. They skin animal alive. And god did not create animals for us to use. So don't bring god to this matter!

  • No animal fur should not be used for clothing.

    As most animals that fur is used for clothing are not eaten by every day humans, their bodies are thrown to the side without using anything but the fur. This is a waste as animals should be treated fairly and not have to suffer cruelty just to make some ones coat or jacket.

  • Animals have their own rights and were not created just for "human use"

    Animals were god's creation and no where in the bible states that animals were created for our use. Animals cannot actually speak so we have to speak for them. Think about what you're doing to these poor animals. They have a right to live their life in peace. They're not used for you're pleasure in clothing. FUR does not look good, it just shows that people who do wear this such type of clothing are inconsiderable and selfish to the lives of animals

  • We can use other thing

    We can use other things that are not alive to make cloths.So if we use tread to make cloth we can make how much tread we want how much cloth we want to make.Using animal are harming and being painful for the other animal and the animal friends.So stop killing animals and keeping them alive

  • You are killing insistent animals!

    The animals did nothing to you! Then you just come along and go and kill them. For what reason?! Just for making clothes! Just for fashion?! The animals didn't deserve it, they didn't do anything! They were just enjoying their lifes, just like we do. They deserve a life, just like us!
    So are you happy killing animals just for fashion? Think twice next time before you buy that cute animal jacket. Think of the poor animals, who's life you took, just by buying that jacket..

  • NO No No

    Animals are living creatures just like you and me. How would you like it if someone took away your closest relative/child to be kept in tiny filthy cages to be skinned alive , hanged or bled to death just to wear their skin for fashion? From me, 12 years old :)

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