Should animal shelters kill pit bull puppies for no reason other than the fact that they are pit bulls?

Asked by: Wolfen
  • Animal shelters know the consequences of keeping them alive

    I know, it's horrible, and it's as cruel as it seems. But if the animal shelter believes it highly likely that no-one will adopt them, or the only people willing want to use their violent natures, then what other viable solution is there? It would be at the expense of other breeds of puppies and adult dogs who need a very limited amount of funding for a whole range of care needs, and are statistically much more likely to find loving homes.

    I don't say this because I feel dogs lives are worthless, personally I'm a vegetarian as I believe any species with a complex brain can be an intelligent and loving creature. But I also don't believe animal charities should be blamed for trying to give the most amount of dogs the best chance, especially those charities that actively promote and demand dangerous breeds are neutered.

  • Yes, kill pitties

    Pitbulls were breed to fight till the death, for sport and since dog fighting is illegal, pits have no reason to be.

    Pit bulls are genetically breed to be killers, and sadly this fact is being ignored.

    Putting neighborhoods at risk, children are often the victims of these dogs.

    No one should care about pit bulls being put down in shelters, we should be concerned about the lies put out by pit bull nutters who care only about saving these evil shits they call loving dogs. Over protecting human lives. Pit nutters could care less about your children and your life. They only have concern for their evil pits.

    It is genetics, not the owners. The dog is breed to kill and they perform well. Pit nutters are liars when they claim it is the owners, no, it is the breeding, the genetics, not the owner. Pits kill because they were breed for that very purpose. The nutters know exactly what their dogs are capable of, they just want you the public to be in the dark, so their evil pit bulls are not banned by state and local laws.

    Everybody should understand dogs were breed to perform a task.

    For example, some dogs were breed for herding, some for killing rodents, others sadly for sport killing, aka pit bulls.

    Pit bulls enjoy killing, because they were breed to enjoy it.

    The public must understand this breed is deadly, dangerous, and highly likely to take a life if given the opportunity to do so.

  • They are dogs not people

    They are only violent if they are trained like that. That is horrible and cruel to the innocent animals. So what if they don't get adopted. You could be the bigger person and adopt them yourselves. And so don't be that stupid owner and abuse your dog either. Because you know that it will end up in a shelter and that it will die their.

  • Don't hate the puppy, hate it's owner!

    Pit bulls are adorable living things. They grow up to be what they are because of their owner. So why should innocent puppy lives be at stake? If the Pit Bull was a jerk, and goes and bites people for a living, then yeah go ahead. But a puppy craving companionship and who is starved from love should not.

  • Not all pit are aggressive !

    The only reason they should put and animal down is if it is a danger to itself or others. They should not have to suffer either, that should also be taken into consideration. Pit bulls unfortunately are highly misunderstood. If a dog is raised poorly is another factor some ignore.

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