• Rabbits are dumb

    They keep on eating carrots and shit and we need meat so when in rome do as the romans do u know what im saying man like them rabbits stew so good i wonder how many rabbits it takes probably like 50 jsut bc of how good it is lol

  • Sim eles devem!

    Eles devem qeu a casa branca aceitar um pet vai parecer que os estados unidos da america gostam de qualquer tipo de pet ou animal entao sim. Vai ser legal tambem para tirar o estrce do dia a dia do presidente e va transformar o ambiente mais agradavel. Minha opiniao de pet: um coelho, Um cachorro ou uma ave

  • Translating between physiologies doesn't work well.

    Allowing animal testing is a surefire way to court the dark side of the humanist philosophies, But it mostly just wastes animals. We have plenty of paedosexuals to test on without it impacting badly on our humanity. What of the horrible side effects? Who cares - they harm children. The suffering of these freaks wouldn't cost me any sleep.

  • No testing inniocent animals!

    Honestly what monster would say, "Hey, Humans are to important to test this on, Lets use animals. " Who does that to an animal? That's just monstrous to do that to an animal. We already pollute their oceans and their land. . . Now your trying to test animals? NO! That's just not right!

  • Ksssk sks sks

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