• It’s Unnecessary Cruelty

    So many animals are medieval style tortured, Yes tortured, Just so that your lip gloss is the perfect color. I mean, If they were undergoing the same experiments that they are now, For a cure for cancer, I would still be against them and right now, All this torture that they are going through is for makeup!

  • Animals still have fellings

    I know that this sounds inhumane but I would pretty much rather testing on humans than on animals. Humans are sinful things(including myself) and we do a lot of harm, Yet animals are pure things and have done nothing wrong and don't deserve being treated as just experiments. They suffer just so we can put mascara on our eyelashes. . .

  • Yes because it is more morally correct to test on humans

    Think about it, Who benefits from testing on other animals in these scenarios? Humans. Almost no benefit at all to the animal being abused. Just test on humans instead, You can pay them and it can be voluntary. An animal cannot consent to tests and they are basically slaves because they get nothing in return.

  • They are also creatures let to live

    To make tests on a poor animal with something that even you, As a scientist you don't know what is, Well thats not human. Animals have more freedom that a human who have to live in a society (supposed to be civilized) Humans have no right to take the animal freedom away in making some crazy experiments. Every single animal have his own fight for survival, Beauty and wild same time and humans should not even try to destroy it.

    Posted by: RPZ
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RPZ says2021-04-16T19:51:07.507
Animals deserve to live free and this tests are just a proof of involution

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