• Animal testing should be banned!

    Humans voluntarily offer themselves as a testing subject for new developments for payment, while animals on the other hand have absolutely no say at all. They have no choice! Yes it would be tricky since we might run out of volunteers to test this dangerous subjects but it would be at first hand to see what it does to humans. Also, the world wide population of the world is what 7 billion now? We have plenty of people to spare! Animals are going to extinction, I say we should protect them against harm.

  • Yes it should!

    Did you know over 100,000 animals are crippled, burned and abused every day in the USA? It really isn't fair on these poor poor animals! Don't you think they have as much right to live as we have? We should get whoever is in charge of animal rights to ban it!!!!

  • Animal Testing is cruel, Unfair, And it totally violates animal rights.

    Would you as a human being allow people to test harmful products on your body, I think no, It is UNNECESSARY, If you voted NO, You are just a HORRIBLE and BAD human being with no feelings. "iTs NeCeSsArY eViL" shut up. Animals are dying and it is very sad, ANIMALS AND HUMANS SHARE THE WORLD. If you voted no, You need a psychological test IMMEDIATELY.

  • Its the worst thing ever

    I can't bear the fact that some animals have the life of testing products that we use whats so different about an animal and a human they have lives too. They have a reason to live just like us. Its not fair at all. I hate that they have to die for us.

  • YES, It should be banned

    It brakes my heart to know that people are testing stupid stuff on animals drugs, Shots and all those other horrible, Nasty, Cruel things. For all these people who think it's ok to do that then you should just get a life if you think its OK to do that. Please for those people who see this stand up and say whats right. ~animal lover

  • It should be banned!

    Because it's cruel to animals and we should stop also because it would be easy t do it like those dummies that can feel things through technology plus why not just some human skin? Not from alive people but just some dandruff or dead body's? Its cruel to animals! So stop the animal testing!

  • Animals have a good reason to be living in the same land with us!

    Animal testing have been going on for long. We all know that! But have you ever wonder how we use technology this days? These days we need to have a strong brain to develop a stronger and smarter testing method. Animal have a good reason to be living with us

  • Why no to animal testing...

    Yes we have found a cure for cancer but for mice, this medicine did not work on humans. 92 out of 100 drugs pass animal testing but fail for humans. It is also putting animals in cages for the rest of their life with pain,loneliness and fear. It is also a waste of money, time and resources .

  • Animal testing is immoral and unfair

    The animals aren't given a choice to be tested, they are subjected to pain and effects of the item whether it be cosmetics, drugs, medicine or treatments. It's like giving up your pet to be subjected to death, they are innocent and should be treated with care and love and should have rights to be in their natural place of habitation.

  • Are humans callous enough to disregard 100 million deaths?

    100 million animals have died at the hands of humans from animal tests. Animal testing can include making animals consume toxic elements. It may also include getting rid of an animal’s organ/tissue or exposing them to radiation. It usually includes forcing animals into stressful situations. Animals should be living free and in the wild. Humans should not shove animals in uncomfortable cages and other excruciating conditions. An animal’s life is at stake in a laboratory. Not only is animal testing cruel, it is superfluous and extravagant. The U.S. spends 16 billion dollars towards animal testing. There are many alternatives that could replace this callous work. Animal testing should not continue because it is cruel, unreliable, and completely unnecessary.

  • No, it should not.

    I could lead to a cure for cancer for god's sake people. CURE FOR CANCER. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person here who has had a family member die from cancer. It's a horrible feeling. A Cure. A Goddamn CURE. Animals can't even talk. We eat them anyway.

  • Should not be stopped

    If animal testing is stopped doctors and scientists will have to test their new drugs on humans,which is not acceptable.90% of people of the world eat non vegetarian and eat meat .If animal testing is ban even eating should be ban which most of the would not accept.Animal testing can be ban for big animals

  • Because we should not ban it

    Because we should not ban it. Animal testing is revolutionary and there is no other alternative to new medicine unless you would rather test on humans. But then you`re saying that human lives should have less value than animals. And thats wrong. So that is why animal testing should not be banned, ha!

  • What are the options?

    Animal testing is used to make sure medicine is safe for human consumption. While animal testing can sometimes cause pain and suffering for the animal, the other options almost inevitably result in pain and suffering for humans, whose welfare trumps animals. The options are:

    1. Test medicines for safety on animals
    2. Do not test medicine on animals, and just release it into the market
    3. Test on humans
    4. Don't make the medicine.

    I think animal testing should be minimized and harbor the least suffering possible for the animals, but it is a necessary evil.

  • Not for all animals

    First, what is an animal? A chimpanzee, or a whale, or an elephant, is a sentient creature. A bacterium or a worm is very different. I could understand an argument to ban testing on some species, but a blanket ban on "animal testing" seems profoundly illogical to me. I think that the type of animal in question should be considered very carefully before any law is passed or emotions get the better of people.

  • It is necessary for the medical industry.

    Unless you want all newly developed drugs and treatments to go right from the test tube to human subjects without knowing any side effects or how it works in a real body, you can't ban animal testing. Then millions of people will be devasted by the effects of untested medicines.

    You want to talk about banning animal testing for cosmetics and the like? Fine. But to ban it wholesale is the talk of the naive.

  • Animal Testing is a Necessary Evil

    When people hear about animal testing, many have a knee jerk reaction of opposition. However, even though it has a bad reputation, there are good sides to animal testing. Animal testing for the purposes of medical research should be allowed because there are no alternatives to it, it benefits animals as well as humans, and it is crucial in the advancement of medical science.
    Although technology is improving at a rapid pace, there is still no good alternative to animal testing. Because scientists need to see how an organism’s entire body is affected by an experiment, things like artificial skin and computer models of organs cannot fully replace animal testing. There are also many unknown variables in an experiment that synthetic tissues and computer simulations cannot reproduce. If there were any viable alternatives to animal testing, scientists would be using them already, as the cost of caring for and housing lab animals is very high. Unfortunately, technology has not yet advanced to a point where animal testing can be completely replaced.
    Animal testing has benefits for animals as well. Many new medical treatments for animals have been developed through animal testing. Rabies vaccines, cholera treatments for hogs, and heartworm infestation treatments for dogs have all come about through testing on animals. Animal testing also helps with the preservation of endangered species. Techniques developed using animal testing, such as embryo transfer and artificial insemination have helped with the breeding of endangered species, coupled with the results of research on animal sexual behavior. By advancing veterinary medicine and helping to preserve endangered species, animal testing benefits animals.
    Lastly, animal testing helps with the development of many new medical treatments. Without animal testing, major advances in medicine such as antibiotics, polio and cervical cancer vaccines, organ transplantation, and HIV treatments would not have been made. By enabling scientists to observe the effects of a new medical treatment on an organism, animal testing helps to advance medical science. In fact, animal testing has contributed to 70% of Nobel prizes in physiology and medicine. Animal testing plays a crucial role in the advancement of medicine.
    In an ideal world, there would be technologies available to completely replace animal testing. However, in the present day, because of all the benefits it has for humans and other animals, animal testing is a necessary evil, and should be allowed.

  • In the case of medical development it's necessary, although unfair.

    The use of animal testing in relation to cosmetic products, is wrong. Their suffering is just for the vanity of humans which is disrespectful to the animal's life.

    In the case of medical development though it is as others have said 'a necessary evil' A large percentage of the population would have died without the discovery and use of animals insulin. Therefore it is a mean of survival for humans.

    Another argument is that due to animals being biologically different from us the tests used on said animals are less accurate since,genetically, they are made up differently. Resulting in a different reaction. My reaction to this is that although I agree that animal trials can prove to be incorrect when moved on to the stage of humans. The trials reduce the risk to humans in general and therefore is beneficial.

    Although I believe that animal testing is useful, I must clarify that I do not condone the use of eye irritancy tests where the animal is forced to have irritants in their eyes until they are damaged or Lethal dose tests. These are where animals are forced to consume lethal substances and then measured on how quickly 50% die, usually within 2 weeks. Unless these things are used for medical advancement, for example deciding on how much dose of, say, immunosuppressants will be the correct dosage without too many side effects. Even then death should be prevented and when side-effects show the experiment should stop. Since the needed results have come through.

    Overall my argument is that vivisection is a necessary evil but this should not mean that animals should not experience any unnecessary suffering or death.

  • It is necessary.

    For me, we could not avoid animal testing, as much as we want to. I mean, we all know that it's wrong and animal also have rights but see it this way, it is making our world better. Most of the medicines and healing treatment and stuffs that we use for our body are from animal testing. Trust me when I say that the investigators are definitely aware of the risks and treat for the animals and the welfare of the animals are absolutely taken into account. As much as I want to agree to ban animal testing, I can't, because it is needed to improve life qualities of human beings. It's just that sometimes for research, it is needed to put them in a non-friendly environment. Believe it or not, modern surgical techniques including hip replacement surgery, kidney transplants, heart transplants, and blood transfusion were all perfected in animals. To all the people out there who said that humans can be used for testing, I disagree because humans are at the top of the food chain, so it's out of the question. Yes humans eat and it is natural that they use animals for the living. So for me, animal testing is indispensable.

  • It is bad

    Because there will be only a few animals. Animals keep earth in balance. No animals no plants no plants no air no air we all die. So if there is no animals we all die that is why there should animal testing should be banned for now on.

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