• It saves our own skins

    Because we need animal testing in order to see if the formula is safe or not. Also, there are medical advances because of animal testing. The opp side only tells us of how it is immoral or not. However, our own lives are much more important than monkeys or mice or rats.

  • It's Just Cruel

    If something goes wrong or if your testing for a medication, you have to know how it would affect somebody so the animals would have to go through all of the side affects and its possible to overdose because some animals are more sensitive inside. If the animal gets really sick, they might think they did something to deserve it and on most cases, they didn't.

  • Animal testing is cruel mean and horrible

    I think that animal testing is horrible and I think that it should be the law that animal testing should be band from the world. So if you do animal testing you will go to jail is what I think. I watched a animal testing video and it was horrible.

  • Animal testing is horrible and cruel..Period

    It shouldn't happened at all..It.Pains me deeply to know that humans are that cruel. What stops us from testing on mentally challenged or geriatric patients if we test on innocent animals. Jesus said that we are like animals and we all have the same "nephesh" or spirit. Jesus loved animals why
    shouldn't we treat them the way God would want us to?

  • We need to be our brothers keeper.

    Animals can't fight for their lives against all the harmful chemicals they are forced to intake. It's our job to save them. We can't let them suffer for our selfish wants. They don't deserve the pain, loneliness, torturer and endless suffering. Take a stand, and don't let this go on any longer.

  • At least a large portion of it should be illegal

    Animal testing definitely can help people. However, for a lot of the animal testing that's currently allowed, the potential helpfulness of the research isn't great enough to justify the means. There are some experiments which could be done more reliably using alternative methods anyway--even if that means they're more expensive or the testing takes longer. The fuzzy moral grounds that allow animal testing could also have unfortunate implications for human rights.

  • Animals are gifts

    If you got a gift from anyone are you ganna do something bad to the gift, this is how we should think about animals. Animals should have the same right as human. Animals should not be harm or killed animals are the best gift in this earth we should take care of them not harm them.

  • Torture is never ethical, never okay.

    Causing another being to suffer to satisfy one's own selfish desire is totally unethical, regardless of whose name you're doing it for, science, technology whatever. Torture is torture. The animals are not given a quick, relatively painless death, as are animals used as food. They are tortured often for long periods of time. Years. It is an abomination. I don't want my life purchased at the cost of another beings suffering.
    There is something in all of us that is compassionate, wants to do good for others, all life forms. Some push this down. In so doing, they destroy a part of themselves. These so called researchers are in their own very selfish and greedy world; using their education and science as an excuse to harm others in order to gain power and money. I think many are sadistic. I stay away from doctors and the medical establishment as much as I can for this reason; we are not dealing with healthy minds when we deal with these researchers and their supporters. I shudder when I think of the millions of beings being tormented right now. And our government keeps making laws to prevent people from helping the animals, at the request of the powerful pharmaceutical and biomedical industries.

  • It is wrong

    They are poisoned, blinded, burned, then killed. They can't say anything about it. They are innocent animals. Their bodies are different than ours. Trapped in cages for years. Extremely expensive. Not worth killing animals. Abusive.There are other ways to test. 10s of thousands of animals die for each product. This is way too much just for a simple bottle of shampoo, mascara, lipstick, etc.

  • Its just terrifying

    Thousands of millions animals suffer each year and die because of animal testing. I just think it should be illegal because they have their own life's to live through just like the humans do. Its just not right for the scientist to do that to innocent animals. Stop animal testing!

  • No, Animal Testing Should Not Be Illegal

    Animal testing has shown to be effective in the advancement of medical science. For example, we routinely utilize animals, such as mice, to test new pharmaceuticals. Without the use of mice for such testing we would have no way to predict how the pharmaceutical might react in the human body. There is a cycle and a hierarchy of life, and at the present moment, we are the highest on the everything else, this will probably change at some point during the course of human history, but it is a fact today. If a couple million rats must perish for the sake of medical advancement, then so be it.

  • Are tigers have right to kills deers, sheep or rabits?

    It's a principle of life. Animals (including human- a kind of mammal) have to kills other to protect their lives. I strongly believe that if you are not a vegetarian, you don't have right to say animals testing is a cruel action! Why can you eat the animals then claim to others that animals testing is cruel? We just use the animals to improve our human's life. In my opinion it just a PRINCIPLE OF LIFE

  • Although animal testing is cruel, It helps to save millions of human lives

    Those who talk about opposing animal testing still use many of the vaccines and products that had been tested out by animals. Animal testing might not be the best way; however, as of now it is the only way to do what we have to do. To those who strongly oppose it, i suggest they actually get up and try to do something about and rather then say its "wrong" because that will not solve anything.

  • I wish I could say yes, but...

    Animal testing has in fact, been instrumental in the advance of science. From a moral standpoint, I think that it is cowardly and cruel, but if we were to stop it altogether, we would not discover new advances in medicine that are vital to human and wild life. It must stay legal.

  • No it shouldn't be illegal

    I dont think it should be illegal because testing on animal save our own skin what i mean, is if we dont test on animals we apply on make up and we have a reaction which we are not aware of testing on animals makes us aware of these reaction. There is a good reason to, by doing all this we have been able to find cures for many diseases and further in life we could find the cure for cancer! Yes i do understand its wrong and if it goes wrong it will harm animals and we shouldn't test on animals but many people eat meat and and eating meat we are killing animals to fill our bellies. This is why i think animal testing shouldn't be illegal.

  • This is horrible and wrong

    Animals feel pain just like people except they don't know what's happening to them when they feel it!! People need to realise this is just horrible! Someone said it saves our skins what are you on about we give consent and get paid for it you stupid idiot of a person I have pets and they have personalities and I couldn't understand why someone would want to test on them and keep them locked away all their lives! Some people on this Web probably don't know what their talking about and think the animals are treated nice but they don't even get to go out side they never see outside!! Maybe people should get a heart and watch some of the videos were they set the animal free and they were so happy! Seriously get a heart!!!!

  • No animal testing should not be allowed because a lot of animals could become miserable or even die

    Animal testing is horrible and if they were to do it don't put them in chains or behind bars do people have to be at the risk of dieing? Scientists should find another way to do it build robots to test or something but don't risk the lives of animals imagine if you had to be taken away and people did a bunch of experiments on you how would you feel?

  • Just no NO!

    No animal testing is an awful thing to do!!!!!!
    How would you feel if you're treated that way.
    Like seriously people. Think. THINK!
    Animals have their right to live happily, they're not just stuff like cups or computers, they have life, feelings and freedom too. JUST TRY TO PUT YOURSELF IN

  • Because it hurts

    Because it hurts and why does it matter I know that you want to know if your pet or an animal that you see is ok but they are the animal and they do not want to be tested that is there problem. So I would not want the animals to be tested.

  • Let's limit things

    I am a cruelty free product user, BUT if I were to be percribed to something I won't hesistate to use it. I personally feel we should only test product on animals if it's SERIOUS business. If it's going to be a prescribed medicine we should test it on both animals and humans, or if we're conducting a new cure or a vaccine then we should. We shouldn't test on animals when it comes to our personal needs as in makeup, hair care products, body products, or even detergents. Anything you get over the counter shouldn't be tested on animals. What for? Companies know how their products work. There's no need for animal testing.

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