• Of course they should

    Animals are the same as humans and they should be punished the same, no matter how harsh it can be. Animal traffickers transport animals in an unlawful way - the animals alive or dead. If a human trafficker faces life imprisonment animal traffickers should pay the same price. So i think traffickers (animal or human) should face the same consequences, punished for life.

  • They should at least be punished.

    I think life imprisonment might be a little harsh but I think their punishment should fit the crime. I believe animal traffickers or human traffickers should have to go through what their victims went through. The torture and anguish that these animals have to endure should be inflicted on these traffickers tenfold.

  • Focus on human trafficking.

    Animal trafficking is a problem, and people who do this deserve to be punished. However, life imprisonment seems a little excessive. Instead, I think that the government needs to be focused on dealing with the horrible problem of human trafficking. That is an area where the perpetrators deserve no mercy.

  • While it animal trafficking is a serious crime, it doesn't necessarily deserve life imprisonment.

    The severity of the crime should determine the severity of the punishment. Surely in some cases of animal trafficking, especially when combined with other charges, life imprisonment may be justified. But unless the charge is extremely serious, I don't believe all cases of animal trafficking should have the option of life in prison.

  • No. Though animal traffickers are committing a heinous crime, life imprisonment is not the right answer.

    Animal traffickers are consciously committing a heinous crime; however, it is my belief that life imprisonment is not the correct response. Life imprisonment would require a lot of resources (money from taxpayers). I believe that there are other ways of dealing with such criminals that would not involve life imprisonment; perhaps justice is best served by education rather than punishment.

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