• Take only antlers over taking the meat?

    Yes taking antlers over the meat or taking the meat over the antlers should be illegal, because that could just screw up all the food chain, while the dead body is just laying there either in summer or winter can rot, birds can snack on it and get sick, then die anywhere.

  • Animal waste while hunting should not be illegal, because there are more than enough animals to hunt, and not all parts are easy to use.

    The fact of the matter is there will always be waste when butchering animals, simply because not everyone has a use, or wants to use all parts of it. When you look at animals such as the deer, it is tough to adequately use all parts of it well, and it is becoming one of the most pestilent species in the United States, hunting exotic animals and endangered animals is already illegal, so this would only cover the more commonly hunted species.

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