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Posted by: S.V

Violates the principle of benevolence.

  'So is the superior man affected towards animals, that, having seen them alive, he cannot bear to see them die; having heard their dying cries, he cannot bear to eat their flesh.' (Mencius 1.7) To abuse animals is to violate the principle of benevolence, which is based on the feeling of commiseration. Moreover, humans should assist in the nourishing powers of the earth - and that includes protecting and respecting our animals. 'Able to give its full development to the nature of other men, he can give their full development to the natures of animals and things. Able to give their full development to the natures of creatures and things, he can assist the transforming and nourishing powers of Heaven and Earth. Able to assist the transforming and nourishing powers of Heaven and Earth, he may with Heaven and Earth form a ternion.' (Doctrine of the Mean 23) 'In regard to inferior creatures, the superior man is kind to them, but not loving.' (Mencius 13.45)
Conservative12 says2015-07-01T03:31:03
I agree that humans should assist animals that serve society in a meaningful way (such as an ecosystem). But your common dog serves no purpose to society. You are extremely wrong that you can bring emotions and feeling to this topic. Humans can only relate and feel emotions towards other humans, this is not your fault it is society's (western society's to be exact), too often are animals humanized and thus people think that they can relate to them. This is very false and it is something that should be stopped. We should also have no respect for animals since they do nothing that we can relate to or marvel at. We are the most superior species on the earth and we are free to do what we want with it. Who cares if some or a lot of animals die or get tortured, I don't that is for sure.
ladiesman says2015-07-09T00:13:50.857
Animals may not have the mental capabilities to the exact same degree that humans do, but they certainly deserve moral consideration.
Conservative12 says2015-07-09T00:47:18.010

I don't believe then even deserve that I mean how can morals work on an object that feels nothing might as well give rights to rocks and trees as well. So in the case of animals they deserve no moral consideration
ladiesman says2015-07-09T00:58:26.063
Animals are not objects.
Conservative12 says2015-07-09T01:20:50.287
@ladiesman the definition: "a material thing that can be seen and touched"

And even by context yes they are only humans can feel emotions, only humans can relate to other humans through connections. Animals feel nothing but threat, not a threat and food. They are stupid ignorant objects that people often relate to humans. They are all the same and we need to threat them as what they are: objects
ladiesman says2015-07-09T01:42:26.477
Africans brought to the West as slaves during the Atlantic slave trade were viewed as property. How is that different from dehumanizing animals?
Conservative12 says2015-07-09T01:48:56.957
Because Africans had the potential to benefit society in an intellectual manner, animals do not. We only thought less of Africans during that time because they did not have the technology we had. It was a grave error that resulted in a tragedy, but in the end we realized that they had the potential to benefit society and fulfil humanities one true roll: to advance itself.
ladiesman says2015-07-09T01:53:55.077
That's just what Forthelulz said.
ladiesman says2015-07-09T02:14:36.533
It is very vain to say that humans can dominate animals just because they're not human.
Conservative12 says2015-07-09T02:42:28.367
It is very true to say that humans can dominate animals give me a reason that doesn't involve morals (so one that involves efficiency and the economy) why animals should have rights
ladiesman says2015-07-09T03:03:56.887
Animal rights is not a matter of economics.
Conservative12 says2015-07-09T04:07:25.580
Everything is a matter of economics and moral but animals do not have moral
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