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Posted by: S.V

Animals are simple property

  This is an issue that is a major problem in western civilization, too often are animals humanized and thus people think they relate to them so they give them rights similar to a human. Here are some simple points as to why animals have zero rights. Firstly I will ask a question: is nailing a cat to a door a crime? - Nailing a cat to a door is not a crime because laws are meant to protect humans from humans, in the case of a cat nailed to a door then no human is getting injured. However is the individual was to nail a cat to a door in a public setting then it could be seen as upsetting the peace. But if the individual does this it in private he can not be charged with anything a as he is free to do what he likes. Why should we spend money to arrest and imprison an individual who hurts animals? By taking this human out of society we are eliminating a productive human out of society. Sure the cat will feel pain but animals do not even feel pain like we do, and who cares is the cat suffers I don't care if the cutest cat ever is suffering the most horrible pain the universe can create, it is not human and we shouldn't care about it as a species. If you want to go ahead light your dog on fire I wouldn't care or judge, it is the same as lighting a tree on fire (except this 'tree' screams). This is why cats and other animals are undeserving of rights and humans are. Nailing a cat to a door is not a crime. Second point animals are simple entities and thus are the same as rocks. Animals do not have the ability to ration or sustain a society. By definition they are not even conscious. They serve no purpose to society. So laws are in place to protect humans and society, if this dog poses a direct threat to a human it should be eliminated no question. Because they fail at all task that society throws at them then animals have no rights and are only entities that can support themselves (but due to the rock cycle animals are no better). What separates us from them is our ability to create an advancing society and our ability to ration. Until another species can appoint their own representative then I will not care about them and I will continue to be for their torture. Still this does not give an individual the permission to hurt another individuals property (or animals) because they do not own it. Third let's not confuse a single animal from an ecosystem. An ecosystem serves many purposes to humanity and thus should be supported by law. An ecosystem provides the planet with oxygen and water two vital aspects of life. However your common dog does nothing to the environment so it has no rights.
Conservative12 says2015-07-01T03:36:42.420
Oh ya and am I the only one who finds the picture hilarious lol awww look at the puppy look how he relates to us. They do not relate to us at all feel free to laugh at the hurt dog, he would do the same to you in the same situation

"Why don't we cut you up into little pieces and feed you to your pooches? Hmmm? And then we'll see how loyal a hungry dog really is." - The Joker this quotes is so true
ladiesman says2015-07-01T03:47:47.590
Animals are not property! You think yourself above them?
Conservative12 says2015-07-01T04:15:12.037
Yes I think humans are above animals, and yes they are property you are free to do what you wish with them

You can steal animals yes. You can also buy animals, so by this definition they are property not human like beings they are simple property like rocks or tools

Humans are much above animals as we have evolved to be the most advanced species on this planet, so yes we are above them animals lives can not be valued or compared to human lives, in this manner yes I think myself above animals and yes I do not care if they get hurt or tortured
ladiesman says2015-07-01T04:51:05.643
Humans may be the dominant species on this planet, and we are the most advanced in technological terms, but does that justify us mistreating animals? If you ask me, that reasoning is flawed.
ladiesman says2015-07-01T04:59:58.283
What about the Euro Americans and Native Americans? The English settlers believed themselves to be superior to the natives, so was the brutal persecution they inflicted on them justified?
Conservative12 says2015-07-01T05:11:50.173
How is it flawed we can do what we like because we control them we do not need them for anything intellectual. So they need to fulfil roles that the human race do not find favourable. This includes being 'lab rats', being coats, being food and being a simple pass time for humans (hunting and just plain fun). We must all do our part in advancing the earth and animals have taken the back seat, we are free to torture them, eat them and turn them into coats because they serve a secondary role. There is no emotional connection to animals because animals do not feel emotions heck they only feel three things - Threat, Not a threat and Food. Our primary focus is humans we can sympathize for humans we can feel badly for them but for animals we can not. Animals are not a focus they serve only as tools to us. If someone I knew tortured animals I wouldn't bat an eye. If someone I knew tortured humans I would hunt him down.

The difference was that Euro Americans and Native American were both the same species with the same intellectual capabilities, they both could have sustained an advancing society except the natives were a bit behind technologically. Animals can not ration or sustain a society. They did believe themselves to be superior only because they had superior technology eventually they realized that they both had the capacity to benefit to society in an intellectually way and thus they got rights, the same can not be said for animals. The harm they inflicted was not justifiable it was a simple mistake on the part of humans. It is a mistake that we can all relate too the taking someone who is as intellectually advanced as you and thinking less of them because of their possessions. Animals do not even have possession and they are not intellectually advanced like us, they have no potential to society.

The same thing does for babies they may not be intellectually advanced yet but they have the potential to benefit society in an intellectual manner. It is all about potential and animals do not have any potential in society, so I know it may seem harsh but I feel nothing towards animals I support unregulated animal testing and animal torture.

I hope this helps clear things up contact me if you have any further questions :)
ladiesman says2015-07-01T05:32:50.847
You made your point quite vividly, but I have to say I disagree with you.
Forthelulz says2015-07-01T05:35:50.657
Oh, mine gets flagged to oblivion, but this one stays. Okay.
my-opinions says2016-02-08T23:14:57.217
You are the worst person in the world. What if you were an animal would you like to be called property. How about you ask God about the response.
Spiritpaw says2016-03-15T04:42:38.027
They can feel pain, grief, and sorrow. They are living, emotional, beings! They are no simply property! They are more than that! They have helped many lives! They give comfort, warmth, and importance!
Spiritpaw says2016-03-15T04:43:49.427
I bet you don't have a friend that is a different spieces!
JamieC21 says2018-03-03T01:29:17.267
Convervatie12, you have some psychological issues, you troll. I really think you are trolling or are mentally disturbed. Two, animals are not objects or property. Objects and property would be houses, cars, furniture, and material things. Objects don't feel pain, breathe, have emotions. Animals do. They're living creatures who deserve to be treated with love and respect. Also, serve a purpose? How does something that does not have a purpose justify abusing something? That doesn't justify abusing a living creature.....There are a lot of humans out there who serve no purpose and who only destroy the planet and harm humans. Shall we abuse humans who serve no purpose? Humans commit horrible acts of violence against not only animals, but other humans as well. There are humans out there that would kill you and your loved ones. There are humans out there that would slit your throat. Two all animals are apart of the ecosystem and they serve a purpose to the ecosystem. They're a important part of the earth who help balance that ecosystem. Humans do nothing but destroy that. They where here long before us. Also, there are animals that do help us. Some help be our guides, service the police and are apart of our families. Most of the things humans do, don't even serve any purpose. They ruin everything. Also, while I don't like or agree with it, the only thing as I see as okay is to hunt for food. That's one thing and to defend yourself, but to intentionally abuse is another and it is not okay. Humans who harm animals and lack empathy for animal, go on to harm humans. But seriously, you can't actual think this unless you are mentally ill or are trolling. You have to be trolling when you say you're laughing at a picture of an abused dog and that you support animal testing and animal torture. If you're being serious, you deserve to be locked away or killed because you're a danger to animals and other humans. DIE PLEASE.
sparta999 says2018-05-06T00:31:41.120
Go to hell you retarded shit.
Mathunga says2019-05-21T18:12:31.157
Conservative12, Thank you SO much for making me laugh! Animal do have the capacity to feel emotion. A lot of basic emotional neural structures such as the limbic system and frontal lobe are present in all mammalian brains, As are neurotransmitters like serotonin. Why else would lab rats be used to test treatments for psychological disorders like depression if they don't have emotion? Please do your research before spouting such fallacy.
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