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Posted by: S.V

Animals are sentient, too

  Animals are living things who are definitely worthy of moral consideration. If humans want to live up to their moral expectations, it is imperative that we treat animals with dignity and compassion. When we involve animals in any type of behavior we do (e.G. Experimentation), there must be a balance between our interests and theirs.
Forthelulz says2015-06-03T01:08:56.040
What are you talking about? The animals are probably going to either be put down or die of old age after experimentation anyway, so we might as well get full use out of them.
Themoralessmonster says2015-06-03T01:16:32.100
How is abusing a animal getting full use out of them? That benefits nobody at all except the one person who is sick enough to get gratification from purposely abusing animals?
Forthelulz says2015-06-03T01:17:45.093
That counts as "the most out of it" because it is benefiting at least one human.
ladiesman says2015-06-03T01:24:27.553
I don't see much good coming from experimenting on animals. I've heard the argument that animal testing can result in medical benefits for humans, but what about the test subjects? Animals cannot consent to medical procedures, nor can they decide to cease participation. Plus, if we were to develop a drug designed to cure a specific ailment via animal testing, just because it might work on animals does not guarantee it will work on humans.
Conservative12 says2015-07-01T03:32:32.230
@Themoralessmonster your name contradicts your statements lol, sick lol sick should only be defined as hurting other humans, I would not judge someone if he like to light animals on fire. Animals are people property do what you wish with them.
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