• Yes, animals should be allowed to have rights.

    Of course, animals should not have the same rights as people as they do not have the same processes of thinking and understanding as we are capable of. However, I believe animals should have the right to a sustainable, cruelty-free life. This of course could be problematic on deliberating which animals have what rights, but we could certainly start off with the farms and zoos.

  • Yes, they should have the rights that can apply to animals.

    There should certainly be laws protecting some basic rights for animals, such as their right to life or their right to health. If someone violates the rights of an animal, e.g. by killing it illegally, neglecting it, or abusing it, then those people should be held accountable. Many of the rights to which humans are entitled do not carry over to animals (such as the right to vote or the right to free speech), but animals should have their basic rights to be alive and safe.

  • No they shouldn't

    Because if they did then we wouldnt be allowed to have them as pets and we wouldnt be able to kill them for meat and then i would go hungry and die of not eating and then get brought back to life by a cow and my mum will explode

  • They cannot speak.

    No, animals should not be allowed to have rights, because they have no way to assert those rights. While people should not be allowed to harm them, they cannot speak for themselves. It would end up being people imposing their own rights and wishes, while claiming them on behalf of the animal.

  • No, animals should not have rights.

    Animals don't have a soul and their purpose is to serve man. Animals are there to serve men as companions and food. They were not made to be an equal to man, but they were made to be a useful tool for the good of man. It is the responsibility of society to treat animals in a manner that they deserve and not abuse them, but animals should not be given rights that elevate them any higher than the place they were designed hold.

  • Just an animal

    No, animals should not have rights. They are simply animals, and do not matter to much, as long as they have good healthy populations and are not endangered. There should not be any laws about killing pets and things, because they are not all that important, people just like them.

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