Should animals be born and kept into captivity?

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  • They are entertaining.

    Animals, when studied, can be useful to humanity. When given proper care, an injured animal can be helped, unlike in the wild, where the animal is more likely to die a drawn-out and painful death. An animal kept in captivity also helps it stay alive in the event of poaching taking place in its native habitat. Growth and development are also taken care of internally by the zoo staff. Fending off predators is also no longer a non-issue, as the animals are kept safe from the humans by their glass walls and cages. In short, a captive animal enjoys a far superior quality of life, a longer life expectancy, and actual medical attention that isn't a nine year-old girl taking it in for a week until it dies of malnourishment or she lets it go compared to its wild counterpart.
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  • Only for endangered species.

    Obviously if you are trying to repopulate a dying species, you need to put them under a controlled environment so you can ensure it's survival. If an endangered animals is only in the wild, it's hard it's control the safety and survival of that species due to natural or human affects on a species. When I state this, i'm not talking about a zoo or for public entertainment. If a species has a healthy population, I don't think you should keep captive, I believe the purpose of a zoo is not necessary for entertainment and can be easily be replaced by something else.

  • Animals should not be held in zoos!

    While it may be true that animals are safer in zoos, the real point to consider is that animals should not be held in zoos. A strong reason is that there is not enough room in their cage, unlike in the wild where they do not have a cage. Secondly, if animals are bred in zoos, they won’t get the right nutrition and they won’t have the right skills. Lastly, if the animal is injured, they most-likely will not get the right care that is required. I believe that the animals would benefit by being held in zoos.
    First of all, in a cage, there isn’t enough room in a typical cage, some zoos mostly have medium or big sized animals in small cages. They do not have the right amount of room to play, stretch, and much more. At a local zoo in Washington, DC, they had a grown bangle tiger in a little cage for entertainment just sitting there! Tigers, or any animals for that matter, should not be held in tiny cages!
    Secondly, if animals are bred in zoos, they won’t get the right nutrition and they won’t have the right skills. Stories about animals being bred and born in zoos do not mention that they won’t have the skills it needs. Also, if it does not have any parents, it does not have any one to teach him the skills. Animals should not be held in zoos or bred in zoos!
    Lastly, the animals in zoos do not get the right care that the animal might need. An Animal needs a certain amount of attention and care. If an animal needs their cage to be a certain way, or if they’re injured, they do not get the right care or attention. Animals need the right amount of care!
    Let’s remember that animals do not have enough room in their cage, not enough experience or right skills, and they will not get the right care that they need. Some people feel that zoos are safe in reality, however, zoos are more negative than the wild, in comparison. Animals should not be held in zoos at all from all of these reasons.

  • Animals should not be kept in captivity

    Although some people believe animals kept in zoos is a practical way to help animals, it may actually be argued that keeping them in the wild is better. More and more people are going to zoos thinking they are harmless. One reason, people can touch or feed dangerous animals. Secondly, animals kept in captivity can become violent. Lastly, animals in captivity live shorter than in the wild. I believe humans and animals both would benefit from a change like this. First off, people can touch of feed dangerous animals. This is a dangerous thing because if an animal has a disease, humans are at risk of catching that disease. In Florida, there is a zoo called Wild Things. This zoo lets humans have the chance to pet young animals, feed adults, and even swim with the young tigers. This is an easy way for humans to catch an epidemic. Secondly, animals can become violent when they are kept in captivity. When trainers do not feed animals, they can kill. In Southwold, Ontario Norman Bawalda was attacked and killed by a 650 lb. Tiger when it entered its cage to feed it. This happened on January 11, 2010. I personally think that if we would not lock up humans and feed them whilst in a cage for no reason, why would we do it to animals? Thirdly, animals in captivity live shorter than in the wild. When animals in cages at zoos do not get what they would in the wild, they decease earlier. Orcas at SeaWorld live only about nine years. The normal lifespan of an orca is about thirty to fifty years. This is a huge difference

  • U Stupid If U Say Yes

    Animals were born to be in the wild, not for our amusement people. Animals are meant to be free to roam where they want, not be stuck in a cage for us humans!
    Have you noticed that Homo Sapiens have been becoming the most cruel species on planet earth?
    Animals weren't for us to control, they were here before us anyway. Why should us humans affect their daily lives. Animals should have more rights they have now.
    Were animals too!!

  • Animals should not be held captive

    Animals should not be held captive,because animals are ment to live in the wild and be free with there family not in cages.Sure it's fun and cool to go to the zoo and see the animals and take pictures.BUt there ment to be free with there family.And maybe if animals were in their own habitat then people can go and look at them when there not in there cages.

  • They should not be held captive

    Its stupid. We don't like to be kept in cages and we don't like to be put on show for everyone to come and look at us and touch us and hurt us. We want to be treated evenly by everything but that never happens for the creatures that are different from us cause we're treating them unfairly all the time.

  • Animals also have their rights

    From an animal rights standpoint, we do not have a right to breed, capture and confine other animals, even if they are endangered. Being a member of an endangered species doesn't mean the individual animals have fewer rights. If people want to see wild animals in real life, they can observe wildlife in the wild or visit a sanctuary. A true sanctuary does not buy, sell, or breed animals, but takes in unwanted exotic pets, surplus animals from zoos or injured wildlife that can no longer survive in the wild.

  • Never should we or somebody else be caged up

    No no no and no if they have a disability yes if they can not survive but when they are perfectly fine they should not be able to be in captivity. Captivity should be a choice unless endangered species it is not right to have cages in these animals. NO

  • They should not be held captive.

    They should not be held captive because when we let them loose they wiil turn on us. Also when they grow into keeping animals in captivity because as they grow together they will have to adapt their selves to changing into a new enviroment. And those are the reasons why they should not keep animals in captivity.

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