• Cage Them ALL.

    I hate those bears in my backyard. Every time I walk outside, I can see a bear in either my or my neighbor's yard. I live on a large plot of land, and bears are a real problem for the various crops I have planted. They pose a danger to me and my community. A young boy that lives in my town recently got attacked by a bear. He got out alive, but that bear did as well. I am afraid that in the future. My sons will get mauled by those horrendous things.

  • I believe that dangerous animals should be caged.

    I believe that dangerous animals should be caged. We should not attack animals because cruelty
    to animals is a crime. These animals are
    very dangerous to children and should not be allowed around children. Dangerous animals should be caged whenever
    possible in order to protect our children and also the animals.

  • Cage Animals Only to Protect Them Or the Commnunity

    Should animals be caged? Sometimes it is necessary to cage animals for their own protection or for the protection of the populace. If an animal is ill or weak it may have to caged to save its life from other animals that would kill it or to keep it from spreading a disease to people or other animals. Vicious animals also need to be caged or otherwise isolated to protect people and other animals. It is also sometimes prudent to cage them so they can be located for ongoing medical care. These are valid reasons for an animal to be caged, I feel. Some reasons for caging animals are controversial or clearly wrong, for instance to use them for product testing so that the manufacturer can deduce if products are safe for humans. For starters such testing is cruel and also it may not actually determine if the substance being tested if is safe or unsafe for any animals other than the kind on which it is being tested. Medical and psychological tests in which animals are abused in the process of research are also bad reasons for caging animals. Tests abusing animals or caging them for no good reason should be outlawed.

  • Animals should NOT be caged!!!

    By caging animals we are abusing their rights and showing how inhumane humans really are. By caging animals we insight animal abuse which leads to abuse of humans as animal abuses are five times more likely to abuse people. All animals feel both emotional and physical pain just as we do. We should cage animals for either our own entertainment or to make profit. We have become selfish and frankly, our actions are against what we "supposedly" stand for.
    We need to release animals from captivity now, be on the right side of history!!!
    As Martin Luther King said, "I have a dream...Freedom."

  • No they should not

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  • Animals should be free not caged

    Animal should be free because they can run around and be free in the wild and not have to sit in a cage. Animals need freedom is well it is just like us we want freedom so why can't we give animals freedom is well. Who would not believe me.

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