• pets are great

    Everyone over there > obviously doesn't have a dog, cat, fish, etc. Those were taken from their habitat. They are taken good care of by you and they like it. Dogs get fed and are taken on walks. People love their pets. Know what you are fighting for before you start because not all animals in captivity are at zoos. Most of them are at your home.

  • Yes

    I think that it is ok for some animals as long as they are in the right conditions. We need to make sure that they have everything that they need and they have enough space that they move around as much as they need to. Animals are great companions for so many people.

  • Yes, animals should be held in captivity on certain occasions

    An animal should be held in captivity if it is known to be dangerous or a threat to nearby humans. These types of animals includes bears, tigers, lions, poisonous spiders and snakes, etc. If the animal is known to not be a threat to his immediate surroundings and the human who is in charge, then captivity is unnecessary.

  • Benefits Outweigh Negatives

    The benefits of animals in zoos & aquariums far outweigh the negatives. Education and empathy are heightened by humans having interaction with wildlife. And animals are treated very well in these establishments. They do not have to worry about predators or where their next meal will come from. As long as trained people are taking care of them, I have no problem with zoos, aquariums, or other sites.

  • Safe in zoo's

    All animals are safer in zoo's than in the wild.When the animal's are in zoo's they get fed.In the wild thay have to hunt for their food.When a mom give's birth some one help,just like in zoo's. In the wild the baby is just born and no one help's,so most likely the baby in the wild will die.

  • They cant survive out there!

    If you let them back into the jungle they will be used to getting fed and they won't eat and die.Plus,they'll forget how to protect them selves and they'll get killed.Also,they might not mate if we let them out because there used to being in a cage with people helping them mate.

  • Yes, they are taken care of.

    Yes, animals should be held in captivity, because they are often treated better and better taken care of than they would be if they lived in the wild. Animals in captivity are valuable to the people who own them, so they are more likely to take care of them. It is positive for the animals and the owners.

  • Yes, it is good for animals.

    I admit in the past, people have exploited animals in captivity, using them as moneymakers. Even now, certain unethical people will continue to use their animals as disposable moneymakers. But most zoos are legitimate right now, and animals have, on average, a longer life span. Animals have better lives where they are loved and treated well.

  • Yes for there good not for ours

    Many animals in the world like tigers, leopards, and lions that are hunted for their skin are in danger of being wiped out all together. These animals are targeted by wealthy game hunters who want to kill these animals and will spare no expense to hunt these animals. Also because of the increase in settlement and farming in jungles and forests, many wild animals habitats is being destroyed and the animals are dying out because their have no food or shelter. The only way these animals can be saved and survive is by keeping them in captivity.

  • Zoos are better than killing

    If animals don't get held captive they could get eaten in the wild. If we do not help them get in a cage or domain they will highly likely die in the wild. Even though kids get killed by animals at the zoo it's the kid's fault. The animals are just smart and intelligent.

  • No, Animals should not be held captive

    My reasoning for this is animals lose what makes them animals while being held captive. They lose their ability to hunt and just become another useless genetically engineered species. Do you want animals to live in cages for the rest of their lives? It puts alot of stress on them to be held captive.

  • What is wrong here?

    No, they should not be held unless the species is going extinct. And then only when numbers have increased to ensure their survival they should no longer be caged. Is this how we define ourselves as humans? Lock it up and when we dont want it anymore we kill it? These animals were not put on this earth for us to do as we please.They provide specific enviromental functions. Let the animals live as they were meant to. In peace.

  • Diseases spread around zoos

    There is a Diseases like Zoochosis that the animals can get in they are locked up, impacts are vomiting, swaying, bar biting, head bobbing, over grooming, taking off their own skin, and much more. Kids can also get diseases from the animals that are new like hook worms/round worms and much more.

  • No, animals should not be held in captivity. IT'S IMMORAL!

    No animal should be forced to be into a tiny cage, especially if it is a tiger or a lion, animals who NEED a large territory to hunt and live. Anything less is just cruel. Tigers and lions will often pace and then resort to self mutilation. This is just wrong.

  • Many people die for freedom, but most animals die without ever seeing it.

    My reason for saying animals should not be kept in captivity is because i believe animals should get treated almost as fairly as humans. God has made us all equal, animals and humans. How would you feel if you were the one stuck in a cage with no choice but to obey your owner? And you would also get beaten if you don't. Its just not fair and right.

  • No animals should not be held captive

    Animals need to be in there own home and they could be separated from familyit can make the animals very unhealthy for the animals with no exercise, no good at socializing with other animals, can make the animal depressed, and it is just for our enjoyment. This is also bad because it can make the animal lazy.And if we love animals so much let the animal AT LEAST have a mate! I used his up above

  • This is wrong!

    Animals deserve to be free! How would you like to be locked up in a cage with no space? No place to run and nobody with you. You're all alone! You wouldnt like it would you? Thats how animals feel! They lose there natural instinct! They loose the ability to hunt. They also become stressed and aggressive. Animals loose what makes them animals. Thats all i hope to say. I hope you've changed your mind about putting animals in cages

  • NO, animals should not be kept as captivity...

    Animals should not be held in captivity because it can cause them many harm and stressful things such as suffering, killing, stress and TONS more. Zoos are premises for the captivity of animals, often in urban areas where many of the animals would not otherwise be found, with the intention of studying the animals and displaying them to the public at large. The predecessor of the zoo was the menagerie, which involved the captivity of birds typically for the entertainment of the aristocracy, and has a long history running back to ancient times. The first modern zoo evolved out of an aristocratic menagerie in Vienna in 1765. Many types of zoo now exist, from the petting zoos that encourage the public to get up and close with the animals to the large nature reserves that provide space for the animals to roam around within and most famously the large, urban zoos like the London Zoo which include elephants, lions and penguins and are usually notable tourist draw cards for the cities concerned. Proponents argue that zoos are beneficial both to the animals themselves, protecting endangered species with specific breeding programs, and the public, as an educational tool to increase both awareness and understanding. Opponents respond that the removal of wild animals from their habitat is wrong, that they should be left in their natural surroundings and not used as tools for public entertainment.

    In 2010, a CAPS undercover investigator filmed sick animals left untreated and dead animals to rot on floors at Tweddle Farm Zoo. CAPS had to take rabbits to a vet to have infections treated and after our expose local police confiscated a monkey who had been kept alone and given cake and other junk food to eat. Think safari parks are better than ‘traditional’ zoos? Woburn Safari Park was keeping its lions locked into small enclosures for 18 hours a day. A government zoo inspection report in 2010 said: “The animals were very crowded and there was no provision for individual feeding or sleeping areas. There was no visible environmental enrichment. Some of the lions exhibited skin wounds and multiple scars of various age, some fresh, some healed.”
    In late 2012, another safari park was shamed as West Midland Safari Park was exposed for providing white lion cubs to a notorious circus animal trainer, who sent them to a traveling circus in Japan. The lions remain in the circus today. A government-funded study of elephants in UK zoos found “there was a welfare concern for every elephant in the UK.” 75% of elephants were overweight and only 16% could walk normally, the remainder having various degrees of lameness. Less: 20% were totally free of foot problems.

    Zoos can't provide amount of space animals have in the wild. This is particularly the case for those species who roam larger distances in their natural habitat. Tigers and lions have around 18,000 times less space in zoos than they would in the wild. Polar bears have one million less space.

  • The animals could lose their natural instincts

    The animals could lose all of their natural instincts. The will lose all of their wisdom of how to survive in the wild, because they are getting food thrown to them in zoos. They can also get aggressive, and kill somone. A killer whale killed its train thinking that her pony tail was a fish.That is why i think animals should not be kept in captivity


    I HATE the idea of people putting animals in captivity. We dont know if they hate it there. They are cramped and dont have space to rome and run. How are lions and tigers supposed to run around? Animals need to be in their natural habitats. It's were they belong and if we leave them alone and let them be..............Then we will be safe and so will they

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