• We need sports

    The teachers who have been on my way through a car with a friend of mine are not doing it to my car cause I'm a good friend and a car type and then I'm a good man I hope he gets to my car for me and then he is going through a window to go ythrough my brother is my car he is a quick and easy job

  • It's our culture...

    I'm from Melbourne, Australia. In Melbourne, animals in sport are our culture and tradition. What would we do without them? They bring happiness, friends and family together along with a day off work and school to stay at home and watch the Melbourne Cup (which is a horse race here) on their TV screens. You need to know how much happiness it brings us. And it's harmless.

  • I think they should be in sports

    A lot of people think we abuse horses! When really horseriders love them! We care for them, love them, talk to them, and help them! Infact they help me! They talk to me, their like my best friend! The horse I ride loves to be ridding, infact when I go to catch her in her paddock she walks up to me! So no we don't abuse horses in horseriding! We love them

  • Animals need sports!

    I mean sure I totally agree that in some sports (cough cough rodeos.) Animals are abused, but in some sports like horse racing they could use it for exercise and it's fun for the horses to be viewed by hundreds of people and have so much place to Rome. GOOD DAY SIR!

  • Animals Enjoy Sports!

    I'm a horseback rider. As I horseback rider, I consider myself a peer to my horse. Whenever I see the other horses competing, I look at them and know that there happy. Not only do they know that they will get food, they know that they will get attention. Animals are proud by nature, so when they know that they are the spotlight, they will enjoy what they do. Even in rodeo, you can't deny that the bulls look like there enjoying bucking off the rider. So, is it fair to take creatures out of something they love to do? And when you think about it, it's a rhetorical question because, humans are just as much animals as your cat or my pet penguin (that was a joke, I do not have a pet penguin). With all of that said, I think animals should be in sports.

  • No,animals should not be in sports.

    Animals should not be in sports.They do not have the ability to decide whether or not they would like to be in sports so in order for them to participate the decision has to be made for them and therefore it is pretty much participation in an unconsenting format which is basicly abusing the animal.

  • Who wins then?

    If you are a jockey in the Kentucky Derby, and you ride on a horse and win, then who wins? The horse or you? With an example such as Secretariat, the horse got credit for winning the Triple Crown, but the jockey doesn't get as much credit that is due them. When something like this happens, I don't think the jockey or trainer get enough credit for the hard work they put into it. This is why I don't think animals should be in sports, because it takes away the human element, and it just sounds ridiculous...

  • BAN animal sports

    Its wrong to use, abuse, AND exploit animals,they are just like us and have feelings and emotions, because they cannot object and consent to anything it makes it criminal to be forced into something which is morally and ethically very wrong,if animals could fight back(i wish they could) then no one would challenge them! Humans who think that its acceptable to do what they like to animals are people who lack compassion and are weak individuals who inflict power over them to make themselves feel strong and good about themselves,it just shows them up to be what they really are,heartless and cruel!

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