• It is true. . . . . .

    It is yes. Animals should be kept in zoos. Sanctuaries r also helpful. They r like small forest. In zoos animals are more safe. There we can ensure complete protection for them. As forests r the animals' natural habitat hunters and poachers come looking for them in forests.

    Animals in zoos also keep us entertained. Animals like monkeys. Some animals, In fact they r happy being in zoos. . . . ! They can play with fellow human beings. . .
    Animals r hunted when they r in an open area. If a person kills an animal even in zoos they must face the law. . .

  • Zoos are good

    Animals are needed to be in zoos because zoos keep animals healthy and care for animals when they are sick and also make them better. Zoos keep animals from extinction. Zoos take care of animals if they are going extinct. I said some animals are good for zoos because i said so.

  • Only Rescue animals

    Animals should be free, but animals that can't survive on their own should be in zoo since they can't go any where else at least they have something to do (looking, playing, talking with humans.) As long as they have room to run around and others of their kind to interact with they should still be pretty happy besides the fact they can't survive on their own.

  • I think yes

    Breeding programs are focused on reproduction animals that endangered or Cri- tically Endangered, meaning captivity is the only chance and mode some animals to survive. On odd occasion a zoo may adopt an abandoned or orphaned animal, usually from individuals who have bought an animal for a pet that they can no longer look after properly.

  • What are the alternatives?

    I don't necessarily think that animals feel particularly free in zoos and that it enhances their life, but what are the real alternatives? We can't have enough wildlife type enclosures to hold all of these animals. Most likely they would be killed due to taking over their natural habitats anyway. Zoos seem like an okay option.

  • Yes they should

    They should because it is cool for children. It helps endangered species be able to breed and not become exint. They get good hospitiliy and alot of care . And when its hard to get food in the wild they definetly have food at the zoo. So thats y animals should be in zoos

    THANX!!!!! :)

  • Life that,s what

    People will never no what is happens to animals and what they look like and the zoos breed a lot animals to put some back into the wild and are children to no what a Tiger loin ape and more just look what man&woman done killed for greed . Land

  • I choose yes.

    I support animals being in zoos because they save the animals from being killed in the wild. The zookepers make extensive reaserch for the welfare and accuracy of animals habitats. They care for and help maintain the safety and health of all the animals equally. In the wild animals are dying of starvation and poachers and in captivity they live a longer life with plenty of food.

  • Yes, it can help them.

    After reading Zoochosis, Swazi Eleven, and watching the Phoenix zoo video, I have decided that animals should be kept in zoos. I think animals should be in zoos because if you are trying to save a species from being extinct or if a species is at risk of being extinct then zoos are a good way to help them.

  • Yes, animals should be in zoos, presented in a way to teach the people passing by something special and remarkable about each species. As the human world grows further away from the natural world, it is important to learn about and to remember the others

    Growing pressures separate people from others including the animals which share the earth with them.

    Urbanization, the stresses of work and the growing demands on time so many of us face make getting to know each other more and more difficult. The animal kingdom likewise is threatened with getting lost in this grand shuffle. The opportunity to learn directly and reflect on the beauty of animals - even in a zoo environment - is something which needs to be preserved.

    A zoo offers the prospect for learning and gaining a sense of appreciation or awe for the uniqueness and beauty of animals. Books cannot do this and even our great technology cannot give people the sense of community and connection that a zoo can.

    Many will argue that a zoo is an artificial place for both the people who visit and the animals who inhabit them. Although there is merit to this point, what is the alternative? A society which learns of animals from very far away? Stories passed down of how one animal makes noise cannot compete with actually hearing them or seeing how tall and majestic they can grow to be. This gives people a true view of the animals they may otherwise never know.

    Zoos also offer a sense of community and remain one of the few public places which offers the opportunity to reflect and learn at your leisure. That you get the chance to view animals - many you cannot find any place else in the urban 'jungle' - just adds to the value of the experience.

    Throughout my argument I often mention the word 'opportunity'. Zoos provide opportunity for animals to live on, cared for by the professional staff; offers people a way to connect with their world in a unique way and gives each of us the opportunity to catch our breath and enjoy what the world around us really has to offer.

  • Animals die prematurely

    It is a proven fact that animals die prematurely in captivity. 30% of lion cubs are thought to be dead before 6 months of age in the wild. Another proven fact is that 40% of lion cubs die after 1 month in captivity. This is why animals should be left in the wild to take care of themselves. If doctors need to take care of them occasionally so be it but let the animals do their own thing.

  • No just no

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  • Animals should not be in zoos.

    When animals are put in zoos it can shorten their life span by almost thirty years. When you go to a zoo to learn about an animal you really are not seeing how it acts in the wild because most of them are bread in captivity. Also animals can develop mental illnesses by being in small enclosures. That is why animals should not be zoos.

  • Animals deserve their freedom!

    If he/she had the choice, do you think an animal would VOLUNTARILY live in a zoo? Literally living out life inside of a display case so humans can sit there and watch? Forced to be "tamed" and perform silly tricks for human beings' amusement? No. I don't think so. You wouldn't put a live human on display, so why an animal?

  • We are animals too

    Animals are exactly like us. Why don't we be locked up in cages for the animals entertainment? Wait, we have something like that its called jail. Animals should not be in jail they should be in the wild roaming freely with there family. They lose instincts and a life they once had and loved

  • No, animals shouldn't be kept in zoos.

    First of all animals in zoos most of the time get diagonosed with zoochlosis which makes them mentally ill. They pace back and fourth because they don't have enough space to rome. Another thing is they bite, hit, or shake the window or bars. They don't do that because they want to be funny, they are depressed. They also are pulled away from their families so they could just rome in a place that doesn't have nearly as much as they would have in the wild. Finally some zoos don't put the animals back even if they already breaded. This is why I think animals shouldn't be kept in zoos.

  • Let the animals live!!!!!!!!!!

    Animals should be left in the wild because they were there first, then we came in and wrecked it they should be left in the wild as our tribute to them. Let the animals live free and in the wild! With the animals being kept in zoos there will be no more wild in them. Animals should be free!

  • No... Animals should be free

    Animals have the right to be free... It is not natural for them to be kept in small fake habitat areas for our entertainment. We should let them be how they want to be in a natural environment. They don't learn to live the life they should live in the wild, thank you :)

  • Animals need to be free.

    Animals need to stay in a free life and not be locked in a cage. Animals need to be in there regular food chain. Animals need to run and be free in wear there natural habitat. Animals need to live with family run and play with family also because family's are together they should not be split apart.

  • Animals need to live in their natural habitat and live a free life.

    Hi I'm Alex and animals need freedom so they go with there normal food cycle. Animals do not need to be locked up in a cage for the rest of there life. Animals need to run and be free. They need to live in the real world and live with family and play.

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