• Yes thy should

    Some animals are weak and can't catch prey on their own so if they are dumped in the wild they will die from hunger. So when you think you are helping them, you are actually not. You wouldn't like it if someone put you in a place you are a stranger in why should they be any different?

  • Yes, some animals need to be in captivity.

    Animals are kept in captivity for a variety of reasons. They are kept for research, for protection, and for joy. Some animals would not be able to coexist and survive in the wild. This is why we have to keep them in captivity to learn from them and protect them at the same time.

  • I'd say yes but only if it benefits them.

    Animals should be kept in captivity only if it benefits them (they are endangered and are being protected/are being given the chance to breed) or if is comfortable for them in their enclosure. No animal who is kept in a zoo or safari is going to be the same as a wild animal, so technically it isn't really a good thing - being kept in a zoo dulls their senses and overrides their instincts - but, as long as they are happy, are not being mistreated and have a big enough enclosure, it should be okay to keep animals in captivity.

  • We are protecting the animals

    We are keeping them safe and in a safe environment. Zoos try their best to create the perfect environment for the animals and provide plenty of space and features for the animals. This helps prevent the animals and their species from becoming extinct and protects them from hunters, predators and diseases.

  • Yes, but in a comfortable environment

    Certain animals should be kept in captivity, but not a caged, freedomless captivity. I believe that animals should have a habitat that is comfortable, and have room to roam and be free. At the same time, some level of captivity is needed to keep these animals out of harms way, or if they are dangerous, from harming other animals or humans.

  • Animals And Self-Restraint

    As humans populated the globe he came into contention with animals for resources. Animals cannot be reasoned with, at least not in the way humans understand. We can't be SURE the 400 lb black bear will not kill a human it comes accross. It can't be taught that it is wrong to kill humans. As the human world population grows then contention for living space increases and the likelyhood of dangerous interaction between humans and animals is more likely. Since we can't ask the tiger not to eat a child it must be locked up for humans own good (and therfore the animal's survival and its own good).

  • Animals should be kept in captivity.

    Nobody wants animals getting killed by whatever form of shape or life. Why do you think animals are getting endangered? Why do you think they breed the animals in zoos? I am against animal abuse, But we still should keep animals safe. Why would you want to take the chance of them losing their lives?

  • There are reasons as to why captivity exists in the first place.

    First of all let's clarify that it's possible for an animal to be kept and cared for in a humane manner without inducing any significant form of stress and discomfort. There are laws which set the conditions and requirements for a specific animal to avoid just that, Discomfort and stress. Who are we to say that an animals would be "free" in the wild. They would still be confined and limited by the terrain, Other creatures and the law of nature itself. An animal is never truly "free" in essence. It's just releasing the animal into a bigger cage. Zoos provide entertainment for kids and jobs for the economy. It can help raise public awareness about wildlife and nature. It can inspire children to become zoologists and help discover more things about animals and wildlife in general. Human concepts like freedom can't be forced onto another creature that is fundamentally different.

  • There is no doubt

    Animals should be kept in captivity and if they wish they should be allowed to reproduce (not force ) I ma not saying that zoos can just go out and bring back 10 animals with them but what I am saying is that we bring in new laws where zoos would have to apply for permission and before the government can say yes they will have to inspect the enclosure and see how other animals are treated if they are denied permission and take animals anyway they would be fined a heavy amount, the animals would have to be feed a balanced diet and not the same thing everyday

  • How about parasites

    Animals need to be kept in captivity other wise animals that carry a scary and deadly virus that might also carry ticks and other parasites. The parasites will spread to human or more rural places and bite one of us humans and the blood from the other animal will go into our blood and seriously hurt or kill us.

  • Animals are Living things too.

    I mean, if e keep animals in captivity, the remaining animals that are out there won't have much luck finding mates. And also, If zoos are teaching children anything, it's that imprisoning animals for our own entertainment is acceptable. Therefore, I disagree that animals should be kept in captivity, after all they have their rights.

  • We are animals too!!!!!!!!

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  • They've had enough

    Humans have the freedom, animals don't. Humans have food, animals get the same food everyday which leads to malnutrition, humans can speak up, animals can't. Humans can go anywhere, animals can't. Humans don't suffer as much stress as animals do I can tell you that.

  • Yes thy should

    Some animals are weak and can't catch prey on their own so if they are dumped in the wild they will die from hunger. So when you think you are helping them, you are actually not. You wouldn't like it if someone put you in a place you are a stranger in why should they be any different?

  • Die of Hungar

    I think that if you keep animals in captivity they would die. If you took an animal from the wild and put them in captivity that the would lose weight and become malnutrition and die. If you took an animal from captivity and put them in the wild they would die because they would not know how to hunt

  • Freedom is important

    Humans are so obsessed with putting things in captivity and it has to stop. It's pathetic and our species is better than this. Animals like monkeys and whales and such have been proven to be extremely intelligent, we need to stop feeling smarter and putting them in captivity to "show them"

  • Animals towards freedom too

    They need to be able to live a happy life in the outside world. Not staying in just one place for their entire life and dying because of stress. They need to live the life that they deserve to live. So this is why I think animals should be free.

  • No no no :<

    Animals being caged would become really stressed and would become more vicious. They deserve their freedom rights like how humans deserve ours. After being caged for a long time and if the owner suddenly found that he was wrong and decided to un-cage it, the animal might turn against its owner and lash out at him. To prevent this, just don't cage the animal from the start at all

  • Its not fair 😢😢😢

    Its npot right for animals to be kept in cages like helpless creatures! I dont think people know this but putting animals in cages is kind of animal abuse! 😪 Animals should have a right to freedom just like we do . Endangered plants dont have that will to roam the forest (that'd be kind of wierd) , but animals do! And circuses do that to. They take animals and make them do stuff they dont want to do!

  • It's so wrong

    Some animals are born in captivity and when they let them into the wild they don't know how to hunt or how to survive and they could easily be killed. Wold you like it if someone locked you in a cage and then set you to do something you didn't know how to do

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