Should animals be kept in Zoos For ¨entertainment¨?

  • I feel that if the animal is receiving the necessary care and is being treated well I do not see a problem

    If an animal in a zoo is being treated well and has a large enough enclosure then I do not see the problem. Now of course if an animal is being starved or has too small of an enclosure then I feel that something must be done. However if the conditions are optimal and the animal is happy then where is the problem exactly?

  • Animals should not be kept in zoos

    Animals should be out of the zoos they can do their part of the food chain!! Animals should just be left alone in the wild let them be what they can be!! Animals should stay in the wild to help the food chain. Animals are being abused stot abusing animals!

  • As entertainment? No.

    Zoos are supposed to be caring for animals and keeping them from extinction, not to keep them as entertainment. I like zoos, but there are some zoos that are completely heartless. If a zoo focuses on making a show, rather than giving animals basic needs, then I'm gonna be against it.

  • How is keeping animals locked up ok????

    It's really sad to think that there are people out there who think living breathing animals should be confined to the same cage for their ENTIRE life! If people would just stop having zoos then so many animals would have a mush better and happier life. When animals are put in a zoo, their instincts can't be followed. They no longer have the freedom to hunt or mate. There is no zoo in the entire world that can replicate the proper habitat for the animals. AND animals have the right to freedom just like we do "not a single creature on earth has more or less right to be here". People say that zoos protect the animals. Oh, but who are they being protected from? PEOPLE. If people hadn't nearly hunted so many amazing creatures to near extinction then people wouldn't have felt the need to capture them and force them into captivity. Sometimes animals are born in zoos and have never ever known what it's like to be free. PEOPLE have no right to take this freedom away from creatures who breathe and feel emotions just like us. It makes me so mad to think that we as humans are the cause of so many extinct animals and so much killing. I won't even get into hunting! I know that if you have been to a zoo you have seen how small the cages are. They might look big to you, but animals roam. A LOT. You have seen how there are paths around the enclosures where they walk because they have no room to properly exercise. Imagine yourself in their place and think about how much you would enjoy that life. NOT AT ALL BECAUSE IT'S SO TERRIBLE. So stop going to zoos!

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